[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter IV - Who's This Then? - Changes - Ignore last

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> OOC: Ignore the last post. I mucked up some of the damages. Pay 
> attention to only this post, accept no replacements or facsimiles! There 
> have been some changes, seeing as the combined strength of Alex's and 
> Louissa's shots was enough to penetrate the Eylor Barge's force field. 

OOC: How many barges total? 

> At the same time, the first barge arrives at the ship. Immediately, 
> four of the women leap off, holding what appears to be some sort of net 
> made of glowing ropes, and moving quickly towards the company. 

As the rest of the group attacks, Justin mentally shrugs, figures hostility is a moot point, and defends the people he does know. He draws his rifle, makes a sharpshooter called shot at the head of the slaver whose barge lost its forcefield (I'm assuming the one that just boarded us), then turns his attention to the boarders. 

OOC: Justin's strike roll is 19+14 for a combined 33. Damage is 60 MDC. 

Justin will sheath his rifle, and draw his sword to deal with the net and the women after making his shot. 
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