[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter IV - Who's This Then?

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OOC: And Ho Ho HO!  A Merry Christmas to the GM, with enough player
posts to get one in before the New Year!

[Round #2]

OOC: Adding initiatives of opponents

> > [Initiative]
> > Justin - 26
> > Carlos - 19
Blind Warrior Women #1 - 17
> > Owen - 16
> > Ted - 15
Blind Warrior Women #2 - 15
Splugorth Slaver - 14
> > Alex - 13
> > Louissa - 12
> > Koba - 8
Blind Warrior Women #3 - 7
> > Osiris - 6
Blind Warrior Women #4 - 5
> > [/Initiative]

> [Justin]
> As the rest of the group attacks, Justin mentally shrugs, figures
> hostility is a moot point, and defends the people he does know.
> He draws his rifle, makes a sharpshooter called shot at the head
> of the slaver whose barge lost its forcefield [Strike: 33], then turns
> his attention to the boarders.
> [/Justin]

Justin's shot hits the horrific creature square in the forehead.  While
it does not kill the creature, it clearly injures it, destroying some of its
optic sensors and leaving a very nasty wound behind.

Carlos fires another short burst, this time at one of the warrior women
[OOC: Warrior Women  #1, Strike: 13].

[Warrior Woman #1]
The leading Blind Warrior Woman attempts to dodge [Dodge: 11], but is
struck [Damage: 34MD].  This heavily damages what appears to be rather
light armor, though she does not slow down one little bit.
[/Warrior Woman #1]

> [Owen]
> Owen will throw another fireball at the creature on top of the barge who
> lost it's force field [Strike: 20 not natural].
> [/Owen]

Owen's fire ball strikes the Slaver in nearly the same spot as Justin's shot,
doing nearly as much damage [Damage: 32MD].  It's optic implants are
destroyed and the creature begins roaring and flailing.

> [Ted]
> Ted tosses the downed fishman into one of his companions, draws
> his sword and moves forward to engage one of the female slavers.
> [Strike: 1 Critical Failure]
> [/Ted]

Perhaps it's the seawater, but Ted's blow entirely misses the warrior
woman, and Ted finds himself dangerously off-balance [-2 to dodge/

[Warrior Women #2]
With no emotion, the warrior drops the net and attempts to take
advantage of Ted's temporary disadvantage by driving her elbow
into his back to knock him down [Strike: 12].  Ted manages with
no small amount of adeptness to dodge the blow [Dodge: 23].
[/Warrior Women #2]

[Splugorth Slaver]
Despite the Slaver's apparent blinding, it still seems to know where to fire,
pulling out a rather large looking energy rifle and spraying the company
[Strike: 19, hit 12 targets].
[/Splugorth Slaver]

The Slaver's indiscriminate fire hits everyone in the company as well
as three of the fishmen and one of the warrior women [OOC: woman
#1] [Damage: 18MD].  The warrior woman drops like a stone, a rather
nasty hole in her back, and all the fish men stop their advance and drop
to the ground.  Whatever they are, they're not suicidal.

Owen, Carlos, Koba, Alex, Louissa and Osiris are hit by the spray.

> [Alex]
> "The field is down. Keep concentrating on the creatures."
> She will fire a second long burst at the creature, hopefully doing
> better this time.
> [/Alex]

Unfortunately, Alex's shot goes badly awry [Strike: 1 critical failure].
Alex's E-Clip is also empty and she will need to rearm.

Louissa, heeding Alex's call, aims a burst at the Slaver's head
[Strike: Natural 20!].

The shot hits the injured slaver straight in the head [Damage: 62MD],
still not killing it, but maiming it, ripping flesh and revealing bone
The company notices that the Slaver is now starting to be lowered into the
interior of the barge.

> [Koba]
> Concerned with the sudden appearance of the barges and slavers, Koba
> will take a burst shot at the closest woman who has jumped aboard the
> boat with his rifle [Strike: 7].
> [/Koba]

[Warrior Woman #3]
Koba's shot hits the third warrior woman, who is now the closest to him
[Damage: 60MD].  The shot pretty much finishes off her armor.  She does
have some sense of self-preservation, however, and dives to the ground.
[/Warrior Woman #3]

Osiris gets a shot off before the Slaver disappears inside the barge
[Strike: Natural 20!, Damage: 120MD].

A large part of the Slaver's upper chest and head are blown away, what's
left of the body quivers violently as the barge quickly accelerates towards
the deck of the ship.

[Warrior Woman #4]
The fourth warrior woman abandons the net and goes to meet Justin.
She pulls out a vibroblade and with the obvious skill of a highly trained
swordswoman attempts to slice him across the chest [Strike: 15]
[/Warrior Woman #4]

Justin easily parries the blow [Parry: 30]. no slouch with a sword

[Round #3]

At the beginning of round #3, the first Warrior Woman and the Slaver
is dead.  Another warrior woman [#3], is down on the deck largely covered
by a bunch of fish men also ducking for cover, so would be hard to hit.
The two remaining warrior women are in close melee combat with Ted
[#2] and Justin [#4].  With the barge about to smash into the boat  things
are about to... um... radically change.

> [Justin]
> Justin will sheath his rifle, and draw his sword to deal with the net and
> the women after making his shot [Sword Strike: 15]
> [/Justin]

[Warrior Woman #4]
The warrior woman just barely parries Justin's blow.
[/Warrior Woman #4]

[End Round #3... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!]

At that moment the barge smashes into the deck of the boat, crashing
through it and literally slicing the boat in two.  Within moments the two halves
begin taking on what and quickly sinking.  The sheer force of the crash sends
everyone, members of the company, fish men, crew and warrior women flying.

Alex, Ted, Louissa and Carlos manage to hold on to anything they can find,
but Koba, Justin, Owen and Osiris find themselves in the water.  Osiris, in
particular flounders, his useless legs making swimming impossible with armor
on.  The people they rescued off the sub are nowhere to be seen.

Above the other two barges arrive, and the company still on the shattered deck
suddenly find shimmering nets descending upon them.  For the members of the
company in the water, it's little better as the fish men, being
apparently mainly fish,
recover quickly enough and move to surround them; above and below the water.

The only hope of rescue seems to be the damaged minisub still floating nearby.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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