[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter IV - Who's This Then?

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> Alex, Ted, Louissa and Carlos manage to hold on to anything they can find, 
> but Koba, Justin, Owen and Osiris find themselves in the water. Osiris, in 
> particular flounders, his useless legs making swimming impossible with armor 
> on. The people they rescued off the sub are nowhere to be seen. 

> The only hope of rescue seems to be the damaged minisub still floating nearby. 

OOC: Unless I'm misremembering the earlier post, the barge was next to the boat, not above it. Had I realized the barge was above the boat, Justin's actions would have been different. But I can work with this too. 

Justin swims over and grabs Osiris with his free hand, adjusting his compensator to the new load as he does so. He'll then move over to the mini-sub, to put his back to something. If Osiris has sealed environmental armor, Justin will dive under and put their backs to the bottom of it, otherwise he'll pick the side of the sub facing the sinking boat. 

Poby and Deem are just about at their least effective swimming underwater, so Justin points at the top of the sub with his sword, and issues orders to them "Poby! Deem! Overwatch, Guard!" 

OOC: A few rolls just in case; Since this may be a new round, I included initiative too: 

Initiative: 11+8 (19). 
Strike (grabbing Osiris): 14+10 (24). 
Dodges: (with extra +1 vs ranged) 19+16 (35), 11+16 (27), 15+16 (31), 17+16 (33), 4+16 (20). 
Parries (with sword): 13+16 (29), 9+16 (25), 10+16 (26), 19+16 (35), 3+16 (19). 
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