[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter IV - Who's This Then?

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Fri Dec 31 17:45:38 GMT 2010

OOC: Is Ted able to see Osiris?

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At that moment the barge smashes into the deck of the boat, crashing through it and literally slicing the boat in two. Within moments the two halves begin taking on what and quickly sinking. The sheer force of the crash sends everyone, members of the company, fish men, crew and warrior women flying.

Alex, Ted, Louissa and Carlos manage to hold on to anything they can find, but Koba, Justin, Owen and Osiris find themselves in the water. Osiris, in particular flounders, his useless legs making swimming impossible with armor on. The people they rescued off the sub are nowhere to be seen.

Above the other two barges arrive, and the company still on the shattered deck suddenly find shimmering nets descending upon them. For the members of the company in the water, it's little better as the fish men, being apparently mainly fish, recover quickly enough and move to surround them; above and below the water.

The only hope of rescue seems to be the damaged minisub still floating nearby.


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