[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II

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~I could send the message. My range is only about a hundred and fifty feet, but if the captain is nearby, she--and only she--would receive it~, the lizard man said.

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Raven half-closed her eyes and tried to speak in her mind and to direct 
it towards the telepathic link. Apparently it had been much easier than 
she had thought it would be.

To the others she thought, 'I'm not sure the radio is going to work or 
reach the sub from here. Maybe we should go back to the sub and 
intercept this egg. Another thing: they failed to notice us and seemed 
to have failed to notice our rift activity. If we want to continue, I 
could use a spell to conceal our movements. It is best if one is still, 
but at least it is better than nothing.'


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