[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Koba, Lyle, Ted, Alex, Owen and Raven

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OOC: If any of you want to join Carlos and Talas, just speak up!!!!!

While Talas and Carlos make their way towards the other end of the access
passage, the rest of the company, with a little effort, opens the hatch that is
underwater.  The effect is rather like flushing a toilet, a large
amount of water
cascades down the vertical shaft.  They are nearly swept off their feet and
down the unlit shaft.

The shaft is about five feet in diameter, and there is a single ladder leading
down into the depths below.  On the other side is the electrical cable,
crudely attached to the wall of the shaft.  As they descend, they find the
cold clammy air turning warm and humid.  After they have descended about
thirty feet a dim red light can be glimpsed below.  A bit further and they can
make out the bottom, and another hatch.  It's at that moment that they hear
a reasonable large explosion above, and a considerable amount of shouting
and screaming.

When they reach the bottom, they find themselves standing, or wading, in
over six feet of water.  In the hatch is a small window, too fogged up to
give any details beyond a reddish light beyond.

It's then that they hear the hatch swing open and see, far above, someone
or something drop a couple of small round objects into the shaft, clanging
along the sides as they fall down...

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