[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Koba, Lyle, Ted, Alex, Owen an d Raven

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OOC: Modifying this a bit to take into account Sixth Sense.

> > [GM]
> > While Talas and Carlos make their way towards the other end of the access
> > passage, the rest of the company, with a little effort, opens the hatch that is
> > underwater.  The effect is rather like flushing a toilet, a large amount of water
> > cascades down the vertical shaft.  They are nearly swept off their feet and
> > down the unlit shaft.
> >
> > The shaft is about five feet in diameter, and there is a single ladder leading
> > down into the depths below.  On the other side is the electrical cable,
> > crudely attached to the wall of the shaft.  As they descend, they find the
> > cold clammy air turning warm and humid.  After they have descended about
> > thirty feet a dim red light can be glimpsed below.  A bit further and they can
> > make out the bottom, and another hatch.  It's at that moment that they hear
> > a reasonable large explosion above, and a considerable amount of shouting
> > and screaming.
> >
> > When they reach the bottom, they find themselves standing, or wading, in
> > over six feet of water.  In the hatch is a small window, too fogged up to
> > give any details beyond a reddish light beyond.

As the others jostle and wait for the hatch to be opened, Alex and Owen both
suddenly get that feeling of imminent danger.

> > It's then that they hear the hatch swing open and see, far above, someone
> > or something drop a couple of small round objects into the shaft, clanging
> > along the sides as they fall down...
> > [/GM]

> [Alex]
> "Duck and cover," yells Alex while trying to do the same
> If her force field is not already active, she will activate it.
> [/Alex]

> [Koba]
> Upon hearing that clanging headed down and afraid of more grenades,
> Koba turns quickly to the hatch and attempts to place a forcefield over
> the opening before anything falls out.
> "Get clear of the hatch!"
> [Koba]

Koba - 21
Whoever dropped the Grenade - 6

Koba's force field flashes into existence a mere moment before the object
is dropped.  A moment later there is a loud explosion, as a grenade explodes
above their heads [Damage: 16MD].  Koba's force field easily contains it,
and additionally focus its energy upwards to whoever threw it.  There are
even more screams and as the dust clears, a layer of twisted metal and
debris can clearly be seen above, held there only by Koba's force field.

> [Owen]
> Owen will move to try to force the hatch door open.
> [/Owen]

> [Lyle]
> Lyle is helping Owen open the door however he needs too.
> [/Lyle]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man covers Owen while the psychic works.
> [/Ted]

As the others look up, they can hear the sound of digging and lifting
as pieces of metal are lifted out.  Apparently the fishmen are rather
dedicated to capturing the invaders.

It takes some effort, but Lyle and Owen together manage to swing
the wheel.  With a metallic groan, the hatch opens up to reveal a large
chamber, at least a hundred and fifty high and some three hundred feet
in diameter.  The hatch has opened up on scaffolding that stands about
forty feet off the floor.  The whole chamber is lit by several reddish
lights hanging from the high ceiling.

The chamber is dominated by two large spheres, the surfaces
resembling a soccer ball divided in to pentagons about four feet
in size each, and smooth and reflective as mirrors.  Vast pipes, each
at least ten feet in diameter lead from the ceiling and into the spheres.

Between them is a control center, surrounded by what looks like a small
glass bubble.  Inside can be seen at least a dozen fishmen, along with
one of the floating brains that the company had encountered before.
There are at least twenty more fishmen in the chamber, about half of
them armored and armed, while the others look to be technicians, carefully
observing gages and displays.

Sitting beside each sphere is some sort of robot power armor, though it
does not look military.  Rather, it looks like some sort of industrial unit.
These bots are clearly in possession of some very heavy shielding.

Directly beneath the scaffolding is what looks like large elevator doors.
Directly opposite at the other side of the chamber are much larger doors,
with a number of guards close by.

The scaffolding does afford a bit of cover.  Several large metal crates,
fairly rusted, but still intact, are stacked close by.  Which is probably
a good thing because quite suddenly several of the guards start moving
towards the stairs leading up to the scaffolding.

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