[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Talas and Carlos

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> [Carlos]
> "I think my armor/environmental suit should allow me to
> breath. Perhaps we should should just try to get into the
> open water and cut the chain? But who knows what is
> lurking out there. I'm also guessing these fish men have
> more mobility out there than we do. Maybe we can
> coordinate an attack with the rest of the group. Some of us
> could go for the chain, while the others create a distraction."
> [/Carlos]

"It's a plan." Talas says as he casts Breathe Without Air on
himself.  He points down. "I think we've gotta go this way first,

> [Carlos]
> "Talas, let's move forward and head underwater - good idea.
> Perhaps we can find something interesting." Carlos also radios
> to the rest of the group of their plan to move forward - "If you
> think you know how to get to the chain holding the sub, let us
> know. Perhaps we can work together to get rid of it."
> [/Carlos]

With that Talas and Carlos go beneath the water.  Even in his
environmental suit, Carlos can feel the chill of the water.
They move down the vertical shaft by pushing down the ladder,
but it's still a slow process.

Suddenly light appears above, and then a splash, as two
fishmen jump into the shaft and swim with great speed towards
Talas and Carlos.

[Combat Round #1]

Fishman #1 - 17
Carlos - 12
Fishman #2 - 7
Talas - 6

[Fishman #1]
The first fishman sets his sights on Carlos, who is closest,
attempting to grapple him [Strike: 7].
[/Fishman #1]

Despite the fishman's obvious advantage, Carlos manages to
dodge out of his way [Dodge: 13].

OOC: And now on to Carlos's move...

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