[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Talas and Carlos

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> > [Combat Round #1]
> >
> > [Initiative]
> > Fishman #1 - 17
> > Carlos - 12
> > Fishman #2 - 7
> > Talas - 6
> > [/Initiative]

> > [Fishman #1]
> > The first fishman sets his sights on Carlos, who is closest,
> > attempting to grapple him [Strike: 7].
> > [/Fishman #1]

> > [GM]
> > Despite the fishman's obvious advantage, Carlos manages to
> > dodge out of his way [Dodge: 13].
> > [/GM]

> [Carlos]
> Carlos flips on the lamps on his armor and turns and fires on
> the fishman [Strike: 12].
> [/Carlos]

[Fishman #1]
The fishman, temporarily stunned by the light from Carlos's armor,
doesn't see Carlos fire.  The shot hits it square in the chest
[Damage: 46MD].  It's armor protects it, but the armor looks
worse for wear.  The fishman continues swimming with great
speed towards Talas.
[/Fishman #1]

[Fishman #2]
The second fishman, seeing Carlos open fire, levels an
alien looking pistol at him [Strike: 1 - critical failure].  The pistol
literally explodes in the fishman's hand.  It's hard to see the damage,
with a cloud of greenish blood flowing from the fishman's hand.
[/Fishman #2]

Talas, seeing the fishman approaching, pulls out his AT-600 rail gun
and opens fire on the fishman [Strike: 18].

Talas's burst hits the fishman's armor [Damage: 29MD], tearing through
the armor and literally severing the fishman in two.  The water is now
filled with greenish blood.  It's difficult to tell, but it doesn't seem like
the second injured fishman is pursuing.  Still, it's likely those two won't
be the last.

The bottom of the shaft is now visible.  An open hatch can be seen,
though what is beyond it is still blanketed in darkness.  Suddenly,
all around Talas and Carlos energy beams streak by, hitting the
shaft and burning right through it.  It seems, for the moment, the
enemy is trying a new tactic and just shooting lots and lots of bursts
into the water.

Talas casts Armor of Ithan on himself, and just in time as one of
the energy bursts strikes him [Damage: 19MD].

Talas and Carlos finally reach the bottom of the shaft.  Beyond is
what appears to be a vast flooded chamber.  The open hatch opens
up on what appears to be scaffolding, coated in sponges and corral.
Carlos's light barely reaches the bottom of the chamber, some forty
feet below, to a floor coated with various marine organisms and
even some stalagmites.  At the very edge of illumination can be
seen a large round object, possibly a sphere.

Talas pulls the hatch shut and then pulls out his AT-230 particle
beam rifle and begins firing at the wheel to melt it shut, and then
shoves another e-clip in and melts all around the hatch.

Then he casts a Globe of Daylight, and moves it out to 30 feet
away, revealing the sphere more completely, a giant one, with
its mate just beyond it.  Huge pipes can be seen leading from
the wall into them.  The spheres and the pipes like everything else,
are coated in see life.

Talas, who does not have full environmental armor on, cannot speak,
but points out into the chamber and gives a shrug.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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