[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Talas and Carlos

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> [Carlos]
> Approaching the closest sphere, Carlos will try to determine
> what type of material the sphere is made of. He will also look
> to see if there are any other exits besides the one Talas just
> sealed off.
> [/Carlos]

OOC: It does not appear Carlos has the swimming skill.

Carlos, not having the swimming skill, is forced to try to look for
a way down.  He finds a heavily encrusted stairway that leads
down to the floor below.

Talas, who can swim, moves ahead, trying to illuminate more of
the chamber.

By the time Carlos reaches the bottom, both he and Talas can
more clearly make out a large door directly underneath the
scaffolding.  If their memory of the map is clear, this leads to
some sort of passage that leads to the other reactors, where
the rest of the company is now.

There don't appear to be any other doors, but towards the
far end of the chamber is a large crack, at least ten feet
in height and four or five feet wide.  A large pile of rubble
and debris lays at the bottom of it.

Suddenly, above, can be seen a red glow.  It appears someone
on the other side is trying to melt open the hatch that Talas
so crudely opened.  There is another problem, and that is that
Carlos's armor does not have an infinite supply of air, and
possibly within fifteen minutes or so is going to need to find
somewhere breathable, or get Talas to cast Breathe
Without Air on him.

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