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Ooc: three plasma grenades and six fusion blocks if they arnt too  
heavy. Two of each strength if avaliable. Any of that scanning  
equipment compatible with his TX 43 he already is wearing?

On Jan 6, 2010, at 3:54 PM, Aaron Clausen <mightymartianca at gmail.com>  

>>> [GM]
>>> The crewman looks a little disbelieving at Carlos, but nods.   
>>> "Alright," he
>>> says in his own thick Scottish brogue, "'tis the third door to the  
>>> left.  I
>>> do nae think anyone will have a problem seeing ye are hurt."
>>> To the others, he says, "Follow me then."  With that he leaves the
>>> bridge too, and down a few doors to one called 'Armory'.  He  
>>> punches a
>>> long code into a keypad by the door and it opens up, revealing a  
>>> large
>>> room (for a submarine) that has what must be enough energy weapons
>>> to provision a small army, as well as grenades, grenade launchers,
>>> mini-missiles, several suits of armor, all in the colors and  
>>> decoration
>>> of the rest of the sub's crew, but mainly looking to be Triax  
>>> manufacture.
>>> In fact, most of the weapons look to be from Triax.
>>> [/GM]
>>> [Carlos]
>>> Carlos, seemingly having got lost on his way to sickbay, walks in to
>>> the armory.  "I'm feeling better already." he says.
>>> [/Carlos]
>> [Ted]
>> Ted surveyed the available weapons and ordnance. He traded in his  
>> rifle
>> for something with better range and a higher penetration factor
>> [aka, more damage], hoping not to loose portability in the mix. He  
>> also
>> selected a couple grenades and sought out a vibrosword to replace the
>> one he had borrowed from Osiris.
>> [/Ted]
> OOC: Is Ted going to take the railgun?
>> [Koba]
>> Looking through the armory, Koba looks for something with a little  
>> more
>> punch finally settling on grabbing some grenades. Koba comes around  
>> for some
>> fusion blocks as well. It has been a long time since he has seen  
>> any of
>> those but the size of the hole they make is hard to forget. Not  
>> familiar
>> with all of the weapons he asks, "Anyone know if any of these are  
>> designed
>> to work well underwater or if there is any scanning equipment I  
>> could use?"
>> [/Koba]
> [GM]
> A number of types of grenades are available, as are fusion blocks.   
> The crewman
> looks over.  "They'll survive in the water, aye, but we canna  
> guarantee it five
> hundred fathoms.  And scanning equipment, aye, we have some portable,
> though most use environmental body armor."
> [/GM]
> [Carlos]
> Carlos picks out a suit of armor; Triax T-43 Explorer armor, as well  
> as grabbing
> a TX-45 Particle Beam Rifle and WR-10 Ion Pistol.  He also grabs six  
> plasma
> grenades.
> [/Carlos]
> OOC 1: What kinds and how many of grenades will Koba take, and how  
> many
> fusion blocks.
> OOC 2: It doesn't look like anyone else is interested in more gear,  
> so I'm going
> to cut this short.  If anyone changes their mind, let me know, and
> we'll retrofit it.
> [GM]
> A young crew woman appears after a few minutes.  "The Captain wants  
> you all
> right away.  Except you," she says to Carlos, "you go to the sick  
> bay."
> She leads them to an elevator, and they go down a seemingly impossible
> distance before it opens up at the pocket dimension again.  The  
> Captain,
> two guards and Raven are there already.
> [/GM]
> OOC: Just going to wait for Raven's player here.  No pressure :-)
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