[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II (Alex in Sick Bay)

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>> [Osiris]
>> Osiris laughs weakly.  "For someone who isn't a hero, you've certainly done
>> enough heroic things.  You've rejected the Coalition's evil teachings and have
>> consorted with mages, D-Bees and even helped out a god.  Sounds pretty
>> heroic to me."
>> [/Osiris]

> [Alex]
> "I would not say the Coalition is evil," the scout states. "With all
> that has gone wrong in the world, you can understand their point of
> view. Still, those of us who lived on the fringes never took their
> hatred of magic to heart. Too often, a folk healer might help when we
> could not afford no fixer.
> [/Alex]

Osiris nodded.  "I can understand the fear, but too much evil is done
in the name of fear.  Part of being a Cyberknight is the befriending of all
beings of goodness, to find common cause against the evils of this
world.  Someday, maybe, the Coalition will be able to put down fear
and join us."

>> [Osiris]
>> "If I have to go," Osiris says, "I'll go.  But if I get through this, I think
>> maybe I'll hang up armor.  I should be teaching a new generation of
>> Cyberknights, not gallivanting around Creation like I was twenty years old."
>> "Now, I seem to recall something about a blade.  Let me see it."
>> [/Osiris]

> [Alex]
> "Gallivanting," the red headed woman half snorts. "More like running in
> fear being attacked almost constantly. I think I should have went for
> advanced sharpshooter training though myself." She will pull the dagger
> out.for him to look at.
> [/Alex]

"Yes..." Osiris says distantly.  "I remember it vaguely."  The dagger is
a fine thing, seemingly made of pure gold, though harder than any iron.
The green stones in the pommel seem to take the dim light of the
sick bay and reflect it back in marvelous hues, like sunlight through
leaves.  The runes are unfamiliar to Alex, though she has heard of
rune weapons.

"It is a precious thing, Alex." he says finally.  "I'm no mage, so you'd
best consult one of them, but it most certainly must be some sort
of rune weapon.  What it's powers are, only you, in communion with
it, will be able to tell."

>> [Carlos]
>> Carlos, pulling some armor along with him, but still looking very beat up,
>> pulls open the curtain.  "Hey you too!" he announces.  "How are you
>> holding up, Osiris?  Listen Alex, I think they're heading out.  They said
>> I'm to beat up to go, but what's a few bruises?  You coming or staying?"
>> [/Carlos]

> [Alex]
> "Well, if you think I will be a help, I will tag along," she responds in
> return. She does a quick check of her gear.
> "Glad able to restock."
> [/Alex]

Osiris closes his eyes for a moment, clearly fatigued.  He hands back
the knife.  "Come back with more ripping stories." he says.

Alex and Carlos make their way along with the others to the elevator,
and down into the pocket dimension.

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