[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II

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> > [GM]
> > As Carlos walks through the door, the gateway seems to flash, and then
> > in the blink of an eye it closes.  They are now standing in those cold,
> > damp passageway.  It stretches about a hundred feet ahead, ending at
> > a sealed hatch, and about seventy feet back to another hatch that is open.
> > Beyond the open hatch they can only see brighter lights, and then what
> > might be movement, a shadow walking in front of a distant light and then
> > disappearing.  There's a dull clanging sound from the direction of the
> > open hatch.
> >
> > As to the passage itself, other than various pipes, there are no doors, save
> > for a single one marked "Airlock" by a flickering yellow light.  The floor
> > is made up of removable grates, and below can be glimpsed more pipes.
> > The place feels very old and in disrepair, and it's some wonder that it's
> > still watertight.
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> "Maybe there is a shaft to the trash compactor. When the stormtroopers
> arrive, we might need it," Ted says before he walks toward the other open
> hatch with his rail gun ready, looking cautiously around for signs of
> ambush or anything that might come in handy.
> [/Ted]

"So they have Star Wars where you're from then." Carlos says, trying to
adjust his equipment to ease the pain.

The passage is relatively bare.  It's possible for something to sneak up
underneath them, but there are no signs of movement nearby.

> [Owen]
> Owen will glance around the hallway with his pulse rifle at the ready,
> relying on  his Sixth Sense will warn of approaching danger.
> [/Owen]

No one's Sixth Sense is going off yet.  Still there is some feeling of

> [Raven]
> Raven readjusts the straps of her backpack so that they were tighter on
> her. She feets the PPE batteries inside the pack and is satisfied they
> are still there. She looks around back and forth and used her magical
> sights to try to detect any danger.
> [/Raven]

OOC: Since the private post went public, I'll include it here, assuming that
Raven tells everyone what she senses.

There is no magic to be seen in this passage way.  However, there
is most certainly magic in use close by.  There is also a supernatural
evil within the same range.

Carlos moves towards the door, not waiting to see whether anyone
follows him.  As he approaches it he slows down, and then carefully
looks around the corner.

"I can't see a damned thing." he says over the radio.  "It's filled with
that same stupid fog they had on the sub's engine room.  There's
definitely something big in there, though.  Just a minute."

He carefully moves into the chamber beyond and out of sight.  A minute
later he appears and moves back to the company.  "There's the brain in
there the size of a bloody Titan!  Like the ones we saw before, but BIG!"

Suddenly those with Sixth Sense get that familiar creepy feeling.  The
flickering airlock light because flashing red instead of yellow, and the
sound of water flushing can be heard.  At the same time, in the chamber
beyond, more activity can be heard, a horrible metallic scraping, coming

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