[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 21:20:00 GMT 2010

OOC: I'm going to give one more day for Owen and Talas's players to
post, and then we'll go from there.


On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 13:02, Aaron Corley <marjannec at netzero.net> wrote:
> OOC: Ted votes to hide under the floor plates.
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> OOC: I'd like to see a few more posts before I continue. There appear
> to be two choices: head to the chamber as Lyle suggests or hide under
> the floor grates as Alex is likely to do. Even responding with "I
> vote for the chamber" or "Hide under the floor" will do.
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