[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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OOC: Still missing a couple of posts, but we'll push on.

> > [GM]
> > The rest of the company has a few seconds to look
> > around the boat.  There are still some riddled corpses,
> > and also two very impressive-looking mount railguns.
> > This is mainly a short-range troop transport so there is
> > no hold as such, though there are a couple of hatches.
> >
> > The radio begins to squawk, though the language is unknown
> > to anyone.  The tone of the voice is demanding.  Beyond
> > two other boats, faster ones than this troop transport, as well
> > as one of the jet/mecha that looks like a metal dragon are
> > zeroing in.  Louissa is still frantically trying to figure the
> > controls out while she steers the boat in reverse.
> >
> > One of the boats is now no more than fifty feet away
> > and closing...
> > [/GM]

OOC: Might as well get initiative out of the way (I'm counting
Koba's linking with the boat's circuitry as an attack):

Boat #1 - 23
Boat #2 - 20
Ted - 19
Jet/Mecha - 14
Koba - 11
Lyle - 7
Alex - 6
Louissa - 6
Carlos - 5
Owen - 4

[Turn 1]

> [Koba]
> "Ted, Lyle, get on the deck guns and keep them away." Using his senses he
> will try to find the electrical control panel and looks for any homing
> signals build into the ship or any passcodes that would prevent Louissa from
> using the boat's controls.
> [/Koba]

The circuitry is relatively alien, but not so much that Koba can't
quickly find two transponders reporting the boat's position, speed
and direction.  As to Louissa's failures, they seem to be more of
trying to operate an alien watercraft.  There is a security system,
but currently it is deactivated, apparently by the ape-creature
attempting to flee.

[Boat #1]
The first boat opens fire from its own mounted laser cannon
[Strike: 4], missing wildly.
[/Boat #1]

[Boat #2]
The second boat follows suit, and this time is much more successful
[Strike: 16].  The troop transport the company is in still lacks
maneuverability, and is hit.  While the hull is megadamage, the
laser still blackens things up a bit.
[/Boat #2]

OOC: Many apologies to Ted's player, but going to make a move
for him

> [Ted]
> "On it," the lizard man replies and takes off running for the deck gun.

Ted reaches the guns and manages to get a shout out at the boat
that just hit them, strafing it [Strike: 20 not natural], but the damage
seems minimal [Damage: 10MD]
> [/Ted]

OOC: I'm going to assume Ted puts Osiris down.

The rather fearsome and entirely frightening dragon-like jet opens
fire from turrets on its wings [Strike: 11].

Quite spectacularly, Louissa manages to dodge [Dodge: Natural 20!].
However she barely holds on to control of the boat   Judging by the
way the water erupts, no one wants it hitting them.

> [Lyle]
> "On it Koba!"
> He heads for one of the railguns and takes position, ready to fire on
> the crews of the other boat at first chance.  [Strike: 15]
> [/Lyle]

Lyle fires at the nearest boat, hitting it and one of the crew
[Damage: 40MD].  The force of the rail gun knocks the
crewmember into the water.

> [Alex]
> Alex climbs aboard the boat but has no real experience with these gun
> mounts. Instead she aims her rifle at the cockpit / bridge of the
> opposing ship and fires three round bursts. She figures that even if she
> misses, it will cause quite a bit of disruption and make it hard for
> them to coordinate a attack against the party.  [Strike: 7]
> [/Alex]

While Alex's shot doesn't hit the crew, it does strike the second boat
[Damage: 50MD].  Both boats, seeing as the troop transport is
being manned with people who know how to use weapons well now
back off a bit.

[Carlos and Owen]
Both Carlos and Owen open fire [Owen Strike: 11, Carlos Strike: 11]
on the boat that Alex hit.  [Carlos Damage: 60MD, Owen Damage:
20MD].  Carlos is forced to swap E-clips.
[/Carlos and Owen]

The second boat is now billowing smoke badly and is forced into
outright retreat, which still leaves the other boat and the much
scarier dragon-jet.

[Turn 2]

[Boat #2]
The remaining boat opens fire again [Damage: Natural 20],
hitting the front of the boat [Damage: 70MD], noticeably
damaging the boats armoring.
[/Boat #2]

OOC: And I leave it up to you guys for the next round...

Aaron Clausen
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