[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

Kitsune kitsunefx at netzero.net
Thu Jul 15 17:45:15 BST 2010

ooc: Can a person actually target a jet. Actually striking a jet is an 
interesting situation without advance fire control systems.

It is likely a slim chance but Alex will target her laser rifle at the 
cockpit of the attacking jet and open fire with a three round burst.
Again, if nothing else she may be able to dissuade them.

Aaron Clausen wrote:
> [GM]
> While Alex's shot doesn't hit the crew, it does strike the second boat
> [Damage: 50MD].  Both boats, seeing as the troop transport is
> being manned with people who know how to use weapons well now
> back off a bit.
> [/GM]
> [Carlos and Owen]
> Both Carlos and Owen open fire [Owen Strike: 11, Carlos Strike: 11]
> on the boat that Alex hit.  [Carlos Damage: 60MD, Owen Damage:
> 20MD].  Carlos is forced to swap E-clips.
> [/Carlos and Owen]
> [GM]
> The second boat is now billowing smoke badly and is forced into
> outright retreat, which still leaves the other boat and the much
> scarier dragon-jet.
> [/GM]
> [Turn 2]
> [Boat #2]
> The remaining boat opens fire again [Damage: Natural 20],
> hitting the front of the boat [Damage: 70MD], noticeably
> damaging the boats armoring.
> [/Boat #2]

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