[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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[Turn 2]

Boat #1 - 23
Boat #2 - 20
Ted - 19
Jet/Mecha - 14
Koba - 11
Lyle - 7
Alex - 6
Louissa - 6
Carlos - 5
Owen - 4

> > [Boat #2]
> > The remaining boat opens fire again [Damage: Natural 20],
> > hitting the front of the boat [Damage: 70MD], noticeably
> > damaging the boats armoring.
> > [/Boat #2]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man continues to fire on anything or anybody
> preventing their escape [Strike: 19].
> [/Ted]

Ted hits the boat that's still gunning for them [Damage: 30MD].
doing some damage to the front, though the boat remains in

The jet fires again [Strike: 11].

Louissa again, somehow, manages to evade the blast
[Dodge: 12].  She's not so fortunate in keeping control of
the boat [Pilot - Boat skill check : 92%], and the boat
is now out of control and heading straight for the other
boat as Louissa frantically tries to regain control.

> [Koba]
> While fiddling with the control panel Koba pauses for a
> second and gives a quizzical stare at the circut board before
> looking over his shoulder at the boat and dragon pursuing
> them. He is suddenly thrown against the side wall by
> Louissa's attempts to avoid the incoming fire. "Louissa, if
> you can find a way to go dive, we should. I hope that metal
> dragon rusts. Hold on everyone!"
> [/Koba]

Quite suddenly a barely perceptible field surrounds the stolen
boat.  There's an acrid smell of ozone.  Louissa stops even
trying to control the boat, scans the controls and then
shouts "This or nothing!", hitting a button with a symbol that
might represent a boat diving under the water.  The boat begins
to slow down, but no diving yet.

> [Lyle]
> He turns his attention to the dragon thing and opens fire.
> "Now would be a good time to dive or to fire a missle or
> something!" [Strike: 9]
> [/Lyle]

The jet doesn't even attempt to evade, taking the damage
[Damage: 20MD].

> [Alex]
> It is likely a slim chance but Alex will target her laser rifle at the
> cockpit of the attacking jet and open fire with a three round burst.
> Again, if nothing else she may be able to dissuade them.  [Strike:
> 12]
> [/Alex]

Alex amazingly hits the cockpit with a mighty shot [Damage: 70MD].
The cockpit hasn't been pierced, but it looks damaged and the jet
starts to pull up.

Carlos [Strike: 14, Damage: 54MD] opens fire on the jet as well.
Though it clearly isn't enough to stop the jet, it's enough perhaps
to convince the pilot not to expose himself too much.

> [Owen]
> Owen will fire a burst at the boat driver, hoping to bring him down.
> [Strike: 9]
> [/Owen]

Owen's shot misses the pilot, but does hit the boat [Damage:
22MD].  The boat seems to slow down slightly, whether because
of damage or due to caution isn't clear.

[Turn 3]

[Boat #2]
The second boat, while slowing down, opens fire again
[Strike: 11].  With the company's stolen boat slowing
down, it's an easier target [Damage: 50MD], though
the force field seems to absorb it.
[/Boat #2]

Ted takes his turn trying to fire on the pilot of the boat
[Strike: Natural 20!].

Ted's well placed shot nails the pilot of the boat
[Damage: 40MD] with the rail gun.  Not much can be
seen, except a cloud of red where the pilot's head was.

The boat careens out of control, past the almost-stalled
boat the company is in and off towards the shore.  A couple
of ape creatures can be seen trying to shove the body of
their pilot out of the way, though with the boat's speed it
seems somewhat unlikely they'll do so before the boat
strikes the rocks.

The jet, on the other hand, is still very much in working
order, and this time it fires a missile [Strike: 15].

It's at that moment that the company notices the water coming
closer and closer.  And then, just like that the transport boat
is underneath the waves, the only thing between them and
the water the energy field.  It's a disorientating feeling, almost
claustrophobic in a way, as the water seems ready to rush in
at any moment.

Above they can see the missile enter the water.  However, it
clearly wasn't properly aimed for that, and misses the submerged
boat, striking a rock outcropping nearby.  Still, the shock of its
explosion sends the boat reeling.  Everyone is knocked about
[Damage: everyone who is SDC receives 3 SDC for bumps].

Louissa manages to right the boat, though she has no experience
with submarines.  The water here is still pretty shallow, they're
only thirty feet down and can see the bottom, and are still
vulnerable to attack.  Louissa re-engages the engines and
(she hopes) throttles forward.

The seafloor slopes downward and she hugs it, though at sixty
feet an alarm starts to go off and a gruff male voice in an unfamiliar
language barks some sort of repeated warning.

Above can be seen one of what they presume is in the invader
ships, flanked by a number of other unidentifiable boats.  Some
seem to be going in circles, with bright flashing lights in their
hull, moving methodically  in a grid-like pattern.

A quick scan shows a few possible escape routes

There is what looks like a partial tunnel made out of two
limestone towers about five hundred feet away and another thirty
feet deeper.

There is what looks like the remains of a large sunken ship
about two hundred feet away and at about this depth.

Another is to head further out, and hope to elude the ape

Of course there's always the possibility of trying to sneak
back to the shore.

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