[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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Do you think you can get us there safely Louissa? We need to avoid  
their attention.


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> [Ted]
> "Louissa, head for the shipwreck. Maybe we can use it to confuse  
> their sonar," Ted suggests.
> [/Ted]
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> [GM]
> The seafloor slopes downward and she hugs it, though at sixty feet  
> an alarm starts to go off and a gruff male voice in an unfamiliar  
> language barks some sort of repeated warning.
> Above can be seen one of what they presume is in the invader ships,  
> flanked by a number of other unidentifiable boats.  Some seem to be  
> going in circles, with bright flashing lights in their hull, moving  
> methodically  in a grid-like pattern.
> A quick scan shows a few possible escape routes
> There is what looks like a partial tunnel made out of two limestone  
> towers about five hundred feet away and another thirty feet deeper.
> There is what looks like the remains of a large sunken ship about  
> two hundred feet away and at about this depth.
> Another is to head further out, and hope to elude the ape creatures.
> Of course there's always the possibility of trying to sneak back to  
> the shore.
> [/GM]
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