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"I agree.  Going back to the beach will only put us back into a firefight.  The wreck might supply some cover for us."



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"Louissa, head for the shipwreck. Maybe we can use it to confuse their sonar," Ted suggests.

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The seafloor slopes downward and she hugs it, though at sixty feet an alarm starts to go off and a gruff male voice in an unfamiliar language barks some sort of repeated warning. 

Above can be seen one of what they presume is in the invader ships, flanked by a number of other unidentifiable boats.  Some seem to be going in circles, with bright flashing lights in their hull, moving methodically  in a grid-like pattern.

A quick scan shows a few possible escape routes

There is what looks like a partial tunnel made out of two limestone towers about five hundred feet away and another thirty feet deeper.

There is what looks like the remains of a large sunken ship about two hundred feet away and at about this depth.

Another is to head further out, and hope to elude the ape creatures.

Of course there's always the possibility of trying to sneak back to the shore.
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