[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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Alex suggests, "We may want to try to go for the tunnel.

She keeps a careful watch on the mini-submarine if she can.

Aaron Clausen wrote:
> [Louissa]
> "The votes seem to be for the shipwreck." Louissa says, biting
> her lip, obviously nervous as she glances between the wreck
> and the surface above.  With a sigh, she steers the boat
> towards the wreck, with a bit more skill, but with no ease.
> [/Louissa]
> [GM]
> As they close in on the wreck they can see more clearly the
> kind of ship it once was, some sort of vast tanker.  It looks to
> have been torn almost in half, it's hull stretched like butter
> spread too thin.  It looked more like it had been pulled apart
> than cut into or damaged by explosion.
> The vast maw of its split hull opens up before them, the interior
> black as night.  A large basking shark looks at them indifferently
> as they enter the ruined ship's hull, and suddenly all light is
> extinguished.
> Louissa fumbles for the lights, and the enormous interior
> is revealed.  Details are difficult to see, with the inner hull
> encrusted.  Louissa moves the boat as deep into the
> interior, as far as she dares, and gently sets the boat down
> on to the sediment-covered floor.  She turns the lights out
> in the hopes of avoiding being seen.
> Minutes pass without any sign of anything.  Those minutes
> turn into half an hour.  Suddenly there is a distant sound,
> a faint pinging.  It comes and goes, and then, after perhaps
> a half an hour it disappears.
> It has now been a full hour under the water, and everyone
> begins to feel a little faint, the air growing heavy and
> stale.  A red light begins to blink on the console, and a
> voice speaks urgently in a strange language.
> [/GM]
> [Louissa]
> "We've got to get out of here and to the surface." she
> says.  "I think we're running out of air."
> [/Louissa]
> [GM]
> Even as Louissa speaks, they see beams of light in the
> distance, outside the sunken ship but sweeping back
> and forth.  Those with sixth sense feel danger, but it's
> not necessary, the party seems stuck between a rock
> and a hard place.
> One of the beams flashes over top of their boat,
> narrowly missing illuminating them.  It does, however,
> seem to illuminate something further back in the
> ruined hold of the wreck.  There's another vessel,
> a small submarine by the looks of it, about twenty
> feet long, height hard to determine because it's
> buried in sediment.  After the beam of light
> moves away, the sub disappears into the blackness,
> but everyone can almost swear they see a red light
> start blinking from the direction of that sub.
> [/GM]

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