[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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OOC: Hmmm, summer kracken must have swallowed a couple of players...

> > [GM]
> > Even as Louissa speaks, they see beams of light in the
> > distance, outside the sunken ship but sweeping back
> > and forth.  Those with sixth sense feel danger, but it's
> > not necessary, the party seems stuck between a rock
> > and a hard place.
> >
> > One of the beams flashes over top of their boat,
> > narrowly missing illuminating them.  It does, however,
> > seem to illuminate something further back in the
> > ruined hold of the wreck.  There's another vessel,
> > a small submarine by the looks of it, about twenty
> > feet long, height hard to determine because it's
> > buried in sediment.  After the beam of light
> > moves away, the sub disappears into the blackness,
> > but everyone can almost swear they see a red light
> > start blinking from the direction of that sub.
> > [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Alex suggests, "We may want to try to go for the tunnel.
> She keeps a careful watch on the mini-submarine if she can.
> [/Alex]

> [Koba]
> "I don't like the idea of that tunnel. We should try to make for the
> surface somewhere. See if we can go along the coast away from
> town."
> [/Koba]

> [Ted]
> "Do you really think the tunnel is any safer?" Ted asks. "I say
> we stay put. Louissa, what kind of subsurface weapon systems
> do we have?"
> [/Ted]

Louissa fumbles around a bit.  "Looks like we've got some built-in
laser turrets."  She points to the co-pilot's chair.  "It seems I can
transfer control."

"As to staying here," she continues, "I think our air is running out.
I think this craft is only capable of limited periods submerged.  I
can already feel the air getting stale.  Some of us have environmental
armor, some of us don't."

> [Lyle]
> "Anyone else see that light from the sub over there? What is it?"
> [/Lyle]

Louissa flips a few more controls.  "Ha!  Cameras." she says.
She points to a viewscreen which comes to life with a view of the
submarine.  She touches the screen and zooms in on the window
of the strange sub.

The other sub grows closer as the camera zooms in.  The inside
of the window of the bridge can be seen.  There look to be a number
of consoles with lights on, some blinking, some solid.  There
does not appear to be anyone at the console.

Louissa glances down at a smaller view screen.  "Hmmm, that's odd."
she says.  "I think that sub just started sending out a signal."  She
tunes in the radio and plays it over the loudspeaker.

A voice, in American, is saying "O.S... S.O.S.  Our reactor has
overheated and we have been forced to shut it down.  Please
help us.  S.O.S... S.O.S.  Our reactor has overheated and we
have been forced to shut it down.  Please help us..."

The message seems to loop endlessly.

The searcher's lights seem to be getting closer now.

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