[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

Kitsune kitsunefx at netzero.net
Fri Jul 30 23:00:00 BST 2010

Alex is going to use telepathy to see what the ape-men are thinking about.
Otherwise, she is going to be on guard. "You know, we really need 
handcuffs or zip strips."

Koba Rowers wrote:
> [Koba]
> Ooc: caught me just as I was going to post. Know me too well. How many 
> people can the small sub hold? Is it potentally big enough for 
> everyone to fit?
> With the shields now over the hatch they have an oppertunity to send 
> someone into the hatch. "Who wants to take a look inside? If there are 
> people in there, they may need our help, but be careful we don't know 
> who they are. Anyone able to see how seaworthy that ship still is?"
> Looking over at the ape-man, Koba says in a tone the others haven't 
> heard before,  " You lost the abilty to make any requests when that 
> first laser blast went over our head. Just sit there and be happy 
> counting you're breaths. Someone tie him up."
> [/Koba]

"those who burn books will, in the end, burn people."
- Written by Poet Heinrich Heine whose books were burned 
by the Nazis

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