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OOC. Are there any weapons (from guards or whatever) nearby that Carlos could grab? If not he'll run up the stairs to get his equipment.

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Alex is almost used to this by now.
She will run up the stairs to get to her gear. Some of the others have 
super abilities or are some kind of supernatural creatures but she is a 
normal human.

Aaron Clausen wrote:
> [GM]
> Raven does not join the company for dinner, and Sir Lyle announces
> that he's off to dine with the crew.  Louissa, still clearly distraught
> by the loss of Talas, does not accompany them either.
> The food is actually quite good, the menu having some familiar items,
> but dominated by dishes made out of lamb and fish.  Still the food
> is enjoyable and the setting a welcome relief from the cramped
> galley of the submarine or eating outdoors.  Alex may find this most
> uncomfortable of all.
> The rest of the customers seem, if not to be upper crust, then at least
> to be reasonably well to do.  The women have modest jewelry, the
> men dressed in somewhat odd finery involving kilts.  A few people
> look at them curiously, but for the most part no one pays them any
> peculiar attention.
> The meal passes uneventfully, a real change of pace from the
> normally manic lives the adventurers have.  In fact, the evening goes
> by peacefully as well, unlike the bloodshed of their last stay in an
> inn.  New Argyll seems a relatively prosperous, law-abiding place,
> though overheard talk suggests that the inland regions are somewhat
> more dangerous, and that to the north the Phoenix Empire has begun
> to make its presence outside of the Mediterranean known.  Still,
> in the tranquility of Port Mackenzie, these rumors of strange empires
> far away seem to occupy little more than idle banter.
> On the next morning, while the company enjoys a light breakfast,
> Osiris, pushed in a wheelchair by a young, comely nurse and looking
> a little healthier, if still pretty banged up joins them.  "I hear they've
> found passage for you, heading out to New Camelot.  I'm trying to talk
> the doctors into letting me go.  But you know doctors."
> As Osiris and the rest of the company chat, Owen and Alex get
> strange, distant expressions across their faces.  Someone behind them
> shouts "Oh my god!  Everyone duck!"
> Quite suddenly there's a bright flash and an explosion that literally knocks
> people out of their chairs.  It's impossible to tell what's happening, as the
> room is filled with smoke, dust and debris, and the air feels superheated
> to the point where it feels like its burning lungs.  It's quickly followed
> by another blast, more distant, but the building itself seems to shake much
> more and above the explosion can be heard, or rather felt, the subsonic
> moaning of a damaged structure.
> Whatever the attack, everyone in the company realizes a good portion
> of their equipment is upstairs in their room, which they're going to have
> to get to fast, if at all.
> Mass panic is now spreading as people scream, running madly back and
> forth.  Sirens can be heard in the distance, and then another explosion...
> and then another... and then another...  Still they can see nothing through
> the smoke and dust, but it sure sounds like an attack.
> [/GM]

If people are good only because they fear punishment and hope of reward,
then we are a sorry lot indeed -
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