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> > [GM]
> > ...
> >
> > As Osiris and the rest of the company chat, Owen and Alex get
> > strange, distant expressions across their faces.  Someone behind them
> > shouts "Oh my god!  Everyone duck!"
> >
> > Quite suddenly there's a bright flash and an explosion that literally
> > people out of their chairs.  It's impossible to tell what's happening,
as the
> > room is filled with smoke, dust and debris, and the air feels
> > to the point where it feels like its burning lungs.  It's quickly
> > by another blast, more distant, but the building itself seems to shake
> > more and above the explosion can be heard, or rather felt, the subsonic
> > moaning of a damaged structure.
> >
> > Whatever the attack, everyone in the company realizes a good portion
> > of their equipment is upstairs in their room, which they're going to
> > to get to fast, if at all.
> >
> > Mass panic is now spreading as people scream, running madly back and
> > forth.  Sirens can be heard in the distance, and then another
> > and then another... and then another...  Still they can see nothing
> > the smoke and dust, but it sure sounds like an attack.
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> Ted hits the floor as soon as the warning is given.  He scrambles across
> the floor in a low crawl using the furniture as cover. Once clear of the
> dining area, he runs through the kitchen and out the back door before
> coming around to the front corner of the building to get a good look at
> the source of the attack.
> [/Ted]

Knocked out of his wheelchair, the old Cyberknight, still suffering
from his wounds, shows that core of strength that he and his fellow
Cyberknights have.  Dragging himself across the floor he makes his
way outside behind Ted.

Ted is confronted with the rather frightening scene of at least four of

[image: splugorth_slaver.jpg]

... along with several of these rushing up the beach or flying (it's these
that seem do be doing most of the firing):

[image: kittani_atv_hoverjet.jpg]

... and a couple of these ...

[image: kittani_dragon_dreadnought.jpg]

As well, there appear to be a number of amphibious landing craft,
and out of them are flowing hundreds of these:

[image: kittani.jpg]

Out in the ocean, at the edge of sight are what might be transport ships,
but it's hard to see.

"Oh dear God!" Osiris murmurs.  "Splugorth minions.  A whole bunch.
Got a weapon handy, Ted?"

> [Koba]
> With the explosion and debris clogging the air Koba coughs to clear is
> lungs before covering his mouth with the cloth of his shirt. Heading
> up the stairs to the room, Koba grabs what he can and arm himself
> with his rifle.
> [/Koba]

> [Alex]
> Alex is almost used to this by now.
> She runs up the stairs to get to her gear. Some of the others have
> super abilities or are some kind of supernatural creatures but she is a
> normal human.
> [/Alex]

> [Owen]
> Realizing that there might be bigger trouble coming, Owen dashes
> upstairs to collect his equipment, and gets back out the door as
> quickly as he can.
> [/Owen]

> [Carlos]
> Carlos takes off upstairs for his weapons and equipment.
> [/Carlos]

Lyle follows suit, rushing up the stairs towards their rooms.

Running up the stairs proves difficult, with many guests running down
them, and the whole structures shaking so much that it makes moving
up them or keeping any balance at all difficult.  Flames can now be seen
bursting out of some doors.

To everyone's surprise, Louissa is outside their room, half in her armor,
piling their belongings.  "Quick!" she shouts.  "I think this side of the
building is on fire.  We've got to get out of here."

In short order everyone is in their armor, and not a minute too soon, as
the thick smoke and flames mean that, even in megadamage body armor,
there is the chance of injury if the roof or the floor collapses.  Everyone
quickly makes their way down.

> [Koba]
> When exiting the building Koba tries to meet up with  the others
> outside and get a look at where the bombardment is coming
> from.
> [/Koba]

Once outside, the company catches sight of Ted, and Osiris laying
beside him.  They see the forces invading the land, and finally get to
see New Argyll's own forces; several hovertanks, hoverbikes, robot
power armor and the like trying to engage the enemy.

Several of the armored ape-like creatures are actually using their
energy weapons to melt trenches with impressive precision, considering
they're about to be attacked.  Above a number of the flying hovering bots
are strafing the approaching troops while even more appear from the
distant ships.

The company's chief problem is that they're on the wrong side.  These
invaders have essentially cut the town in two, cutting off the naval base
and apparently attempting to build a beachhead.

These invaders are ruthless too.  Some are indiscriminately firing into
fleeing crowds of civilians, while the company notice that the floating
barges (Slavers) are herding others into the transports.

In the midst of it all, two men run up to the company.  Both are in
body armor, though not apparently of New Argyll decoration.  One
his short (about five foot two) with a broad handlebar moustache
and the other is tall (six and a half feet at least), with a massive
frame suggesting an incredible amount of muscle below.

"Ye be the strangers who needed passage." the short one says.
"We were coming to to tell ye that we were sailing for England
tomorrow.  I be suggesting we sail now.  If ye want to come,
now would be the time."

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