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> > [Osiris]
> > Knocked out of his wheelchair, the old Cyberknight, still suffering
> > from his wounds, shows that core of strength that he and his fellow
> > Cyberknights have.  Dragging himself across the floor he makes his
> > way outside behind Ted.
> > [/Osiris]

> [Ted]
> Ted meets the old man half way and then lifts him over his shoulder. He
> glances around and then makes for his Owen, hoping the psychic can treat
>  Osiris' wounds while the lizard man secures his weapons.
> [/Ted]

"Thanks." Osiris says.  "Can't wait until these legs are back in one piece."

> [Alex]
> Alex responds, "Thanks."
> The red headed scout was about to try to help Osiris.
> [/Alex]


> > [GM]
> > Once outside, the company catches sight of Ted, and Osiris laying
> > beside him.  They see the forces invading the land, and finally get to
> > see New Argyll's own forces; several hovertanks, hoverbikes, robot
> > power armor and the like trying to engage the enemy.
> >
> > Several of the armored ape-like creatures are actually using their
> > energy weapons to melt trenches with impressive precision, considering
> > they're about to be attacked.  Above a number of the flying hovering bots
> > are strafing the approaching troops while even more appear from the
> > distant ships.
> >
> > The company's chief problem is that they're on the wrong side.  These
> > invaders have essentially cut the town in two, cutting off the naval base
> > and apparently attempting to build a beachhead.
> >
> > These invaders are ruthless too.  Some are indiscriminately firing into
> > fleeing crowds of civilians, while the company notice that the floating
> > barges (Slavers) are herding others into the transports.
> >
> > In the midst of it all, two men run up to the company.  Both are in
> > body armor, though not apparently of New Argyll decoration.  One
> > his short (about five foot two) with a broad handlebar moustache
> > and the other is tall (six and a half feet at least), with a massive
> > frame suggesting an incredible amount of muscle below.
> >
> > "Ye be the strangers who needed passage." the short one says.
> > "We were coming to to tell ye that we were sailing for England
> > tomorrow.  I be suggesting we sail now.  If ye want to come,
> > now would be the time."
> > [/GM]

> [Carlos]
> Carlos looks at the man intently, then starts following him.
> [/Carlos]

> [Ted]
> "No need to ask me twice," the lizard man replies, relieved to have
> gotten his things from his room.
> [/Ted]

Lyle needs no convincing either, though he recognizes who the invaders
are and, as a Cyberknight, instinctively wants to help them.

Koba also follows the others, and then suddenly turns around.  "We're
forgetting someone.  Where's Raven?"

Owen follows as well.

Even as Koba asks the question, a missile streaks from one of the flying
bots, hits the bottom floor of the hotel.  The entire side of the hotel that
the company's rooms had been on disappears in an explosion, and then
the hotel finally collapses.  If Raven was in there, it was unlikely that
she survived.

One of the men looks back.  "If ye lost one of yours, then be thankful that's
all ye lost.  Many folk around here are going to be much worse off, eh?
Do na tarry, lest ye wake up in Splynn bein' auctioned to the highest bidder.
Or worse."

The only fortunate thing about the explosion is that it's made everything
so chaotic, smoky and ash-filled that no one is likely to even be seeing
them depart.  The down side is, of course, that the company cannot
see where they are either.  Still the two men lead them on through
the choking smoke.  About all they can tell is that they are on a pebble
path, that the ocean is to their left and that tall looming shadows suggest
a cliff to their right.

Above can now be heard a pitched air battle.  Explosions light up the
smoke, and the smell of burning fuel and plastic fill the air.  Meanwhile
the path becomes steeper and the going slower.  Finally it flattens out
and they are on a sandy beach.  In the distance, through the thick fog
and smoke can be seen a number of figures.

Again Owen and Alex's sixth sense goes off.  They have just enough time
to warn the others when there is a loud explosion above their heads, and
then a large piece of flaming metal comes crashing down just feet away
from them.

Their guides wipe their brows.  "Close one, eh!" the short one says to
the tall one.  "Aye!  That it was, Lemmy" the taller one says.

Then both turn around, guns in hand.  Behind them the shapes
materialize into a dozen of the ape-like creatures they'd seen
above, heavily armored and heavily armed.

"Here they are." the short one says.  "Just like we promised.
Now could we have the gold ye promised."

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