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> > [GM]
> > ...
> >
> > Their guides wipe their brows.  "Close one, eh!" the short one says to
> > the tall one.  "Aye!  That it was, Lemmy" the taller one says.
> >
> > Then both turn around, guns in hand.  Behind them the shapes
> > materialize into a dozen of the ape-like creatures they'd seen
> > above, heavily armored and heavily armed.
> >
> > "Here they are." the short one says.  "Just like we promised.
> > Now could we have the gold ye promised."
> > [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Alex does not really 'trust' what is going on here. She will watch these
> new people warily and use her telepathy to scan the various individuals.
> She will ask at the same time, "What is going on?"
> [/Alex]

It's pretty clear now that Alex and Owen's Sixth Sense was, ironically,
confused by too much danger.

In answer to Alex's question, one of the ape-like figures shouts
"Drop your weapons now!"

> [Koba]
> Koba draws his rifle and aims at the group of ape looking creatures
> ready to fire if they close in. "You are fools. Look at what is
> happening to the town. Do you really think they have any regard for
> any humans?  You may have just outlived your usefulness. Come with us
> and fight back." Switching to the internal mic in the armor Koba
> transmits to the group, "We need to escape this one way or another.
> The only way out looks like the way back. Anyone with infrared sensors
> will have to lead us out of here."
> [/Koba]

When Koba raises his rifle, all the ape-like creatures train their weapons
on them.  "Drop that weapon, human.  This is your last chance.  On
the count of three, remove your finger from the trigger and gently place
it on the ground."

One of their "guides", the short one,  shrugs at Koba.  "Nothing
personal, mate. Needed the money for debts and such."

The other seems suddenly a little troubled.  "Let's just the money
and go.  I do'na want to be here a minute longer."

"Ah yes, your reward." the leading ape-man says.  With incredible
speed, his rifle trains on one, then the other of the men, a single
blast from the energy rifle blowing their heads off.  The corpses flop
to the ground.

"Now, drop those weapons."

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