[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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> > [GM]
> > Even as the leading ape-man speaks, the wall of flame bursts,
> > cutting them off from the company.  The leading ape man, obscured
> > by the flames can be heard shouting in some unintelligible language
> > and instantly the ape-men start advancing, spraying the area, though
> > clearly the wall of flame makes their aim poor, and mainly its sand that
> > gets vaporized.  Still a few shots get through.  Lyle, Ted and Carlos all
> > get struck [Damage: 10MD apiece].  The wall of fire will slow them down,
> > but not for long...
> > [/GM]

> > [Initiative]
> > Koba - 20
> > Owen - 16
> > Lyle - 14
> > Ape Group 1 - 13
> > Ted - 11
> > Ape Group 2 - 11
> > Alex - 10
> > Carlos - 6
> > Ape Group 3 - 5
> > Louissa - 1
> > [/Initiative]

> [Koba]
> "Head back that way." Koba says motioning at the way they were led
> here. "We need to find transport away from the city." With that, Koba
> will fire off a burst aimed at suppressing the group ahead of them
> before falling back with the others.  [Strike: 16, Targets Hit: 5, Damage:
> 20MDC]
> [/Koba]

Koba's suppressing fire, along with the still burning wall of flame, seem
to do the job in stopping the enemy from simply storming across the
beach.  Five are hit and fall back slightly as their commander barks
more orders in an unfamiliar language.

> [Owen]
> Owen fires a burst from his rifle into the nearest group of Apemen.
> [Strike: 8, Targets Hit: 2, Damage: 7MD]
> [/Owen]

Owen's own burst follows, and while he doesn't hit nearly as many
targets, it all serves to prevent the company from being stormed.

> [Lyle]
> Keeping with the group, Lyle fires off a burst at the Apemen and will
> provide cover as we find a way out.  [Strike: 15, Targets Hit: 6,
> Damage: 28MD].
> [/Lyle]

Lyle is even more successful.  Some of the ape-men's armor is
beginning to show signs of damage.  The only obvious ways out
that Lyle can see are back up the path they had followed down here
and back along the beach, which quickly recedes down to a narrow
rocky margin next to the ocean.

[Ape Group 1]
This ape group in turn opens suppressing fire as it runs along the
wall of fire, clearly attempting to reach a position where they can
block the group's retreat.  [Strike: 9, Targets Hit: 6, Damage: 15MD].
Everyone except Koba is either missed or dodges.
[/Ape Group 1]

> [Ted]
> Ted leaps for the leader of the [first group of] ape-men, hoping a
> solid jump kick will convince him to call of his cronies.  [Strike: 25].
> [/Ted]

Ted flies through the flames [Damage: 3MD] at the leader.  The
leader clearly has pretty fast reflexes as well [Dodge: 21], but
isn't fast enough and Ted knocks him to the ground [Effect:
ape-man leader loses 2 rounds of actions].

> [Alex]
> "Hold steady guys," Alex yells. She will then fire a concussion grenade
> at the Apeman [Strike: 21, Damage: 10MD, Targets Knocked Down: 8].
> [/Alex]

The results of Alex's impressive grenade aim is that two of the ape-men
groups (eight soldiers in total) are knocked down [Effects: lose melee and
initiative, also -10 to strike parry, and dodge, attacks last, and lose half
of their attacks/actions for 2 rounds].  It leaves only the one mobile group
trying to route the company on the move.  Unfortunately, Ted is in the
midst of this, and receives the damage and the effects from this as well.

Ted feels himself kicked back a few feet from the grenade and feels like
a giant just kicked him in the stomach.  Though, actually, it's a good thing

> [Alex]
> Alex fires a three blast burst at one one she thinks or guesses is
> the leader [Strike: 5, Damage: 39MD].
> [/Alex]

The commander, clearly unable to move, is hit by Alex's somewhat
dodgy shot.  While not dead, his armor is clearly in a shambles now.

> [Carlos]
> Carlos dives for cover, then starts spraying the apes with his rifle.
> [Strike: 6, Targets Hit: 4, Damage: 19MD].
> [/Carlos]

Carlos takes aim at the group still on their feet, hitting them all
and damaging their armor.

Louissa follows Carlos's example and sprays the moving group
of ape-creatures [Strike: Natural 20!, Targets Hit: 4, Damage:

Louissa's shots are even more impressive, and the remaining
group, seeing their comrades incapacitated drop down on to the

Louissa shouts out with glee.  "Gotcha, you murderous bastards!
Somebody grab Ted and let's go!"

Louissa's advice is sage.  Clearing mists reveal some sort of
troop ship full of ape-soldiers within fifty feet of the shore.  However,
the path seems dangerous as well, as vehicles can be heard coming
down it.  The only other directions are to climb the cliff or run down
the beach, neither of which seems a very good idea either, seeing as
they could become easy targets.  As if to drive the point home, the
troop ship lobs a few rockets at the beach, that, while not hitting
anyone, knock Koba and Carlos to the ground.

Time seems to be running out.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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