[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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OOC: Missed a little bit.

> [GM]
> As the grenade flies into the air, Alex is able to get a reasonable
> picture of their surroundings.  She can see, with IR, the squad that
> just fired at Koba moving quickly down the road towards the beach.
> She can see the narrow rocky margin that sits between the bottom
> of the cliffs and the water, and can see that it will offer no safe
> escape either, there is another squad moving down it towards the
> company, as well as some sort of small gun boat moving parallel
> to the beach.
> The whole scene seems dismal until she catches a glimpse through
> the mists of an escape route, one only visible because of a slight
> shift in the wind.  A very narrow (no wider than a couple of feet) path
> that leads up the cliffs directly north of them.  There's no sign of the
> enemy, but the path is clearly damp from sea spray and fog.  The
> entire path is not visible, but perhaps about 2,000 feet away she
> can again see what must be the path, now some six hundred feet
> above the crashing waves, no wider than it was before, but leading
> down into what looks like a small protected cove, where what look
> like a couple of fishing boats are moored.
> [/GM]
> OOC: I'm assuming Alex communicates this to her companions.
> [Louissa]
> "We've got to go that way!" she says.  "It's are only chance.  Where's
> Koba?"
> [/Louissa]

One of the landing craft has now touched bottom and several ape
creatures leap out.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, a friendly aircraft strafes
the boat and several of the ape-men fall.  The boat itself is damaged, but
still appears to be seaworthy, with only a couple of defenders left on

OOC: I'll give everyone until next Tuesday to decide whether they want
to take Alex's path or try for the landing craft.

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