[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Koba, Lyle, Ted, Alex, Owen and Raven

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OOC: With the Zapper abilities can I channel power from one source  
through myself into the ground or air and is there a limit to the  
ammount I can transfer safely? Also is there a layer of water on the  
floor below the gas?

On Mar 2, 2010, at 4:57 PM, Aaron Clausen <mightymartianca at gmail.com>  

>>> [GM]
>>> As the others look up, they can hear the sound of digging and  
>>> lifting
>>> as pieces of metal are lifted out.  Apparently the fishmen are  
>>> rather
>>> dedicated to capturing the invaders.
>>> It takes some effort, but Lyle and Owen together manage to swing
>>> the wheel.  With a metallic groan, the hatch opens up to reveal a  
>>> large
>>> chamber, at least a hundred and fifty high and some three hundred  
>>> feet
>>> in diameter.  The hatch has opened up on scaffolding that stands  
>>> about
>>> forty feet off the floor.  The whole chamber is lit by several  
>>> reddish
>>> lights hanging from the high ceiling.
>>> The chamber is dominated by two large spheres, the surfaces
>>> resembling a soccer ball divided in to pentagons about four feet
>>> in size each, and smooth and reflective as mirrors.  Vast pipes,  
>>> each
>>> at least ten feet in diameter lead from the ceiling and into the  
>>> spheres.
>>> Between them is a control center, surrounded by what looks like a  
>>> small
>>> glass bubble.  Inside can be seen at least a dozen fishmen, along  
>>> with
>>> one of the floating brains that the company had encountered before.
>>> There are at least twenty more fishmen in the chamber, about half of
>>> them armored and armed, while the others look to be technicians,  
>>> carefully
>>> observing gages and displays.
>>> Sitting beside each sphere is some sort of robot power armor,  
>>> though it
>>> does not look military.  Rather, it looks like some sort of  
>>> industrial unit.
>>> These bots are clearly in possession of some very heavy shielding.
>>> Directly beneath the scaffolding is what looks like large elevator  
>>> doors.
>>> Directly opposite at the other side of the chamber are much larger  
>>> doors,
>>> with a number of guards close by.
>>> The scaffolding does afford a bit of cover.  Several large metal  
>>> crates,
>>> fairly rusted, but still intact, are stacked close by.  Which is  
>>> probably
>>> a good thing because quite suddenly several of the guards start  
>>> moving
>>> towards the stairs leading up to the scaffolding.
>>> Even as the company looks on, those with radios here the crackle,
>>> very staticy, but still understandably Carlos.
>>> [/GM]
>> [Carlos]
>> "If you think you know how to get to the chain holding the sub, let  
>> us
>> know. Perhaps we can work together to get rid of it."
>> [/Carlos]
>> [Alex]
>> Alex will keep guard carefully because it does not sound like she  
>> sees
>> anybody attacking directly at the moment.
>> [/Alex]
>> [Ted]
>> ~Are those sphere what we came for?~ the lizard man asked
>> telepathically.
>> [/Ted]
>> [Lyle]
>> "I would assume those are the reactors."
>> Lyle unslings his rifle and prepares to start picking off the fishmen
>> coming towards us.
>> [/Lyle]
> OOC: I'm assuming that Lyle will in fact open fire here.  No  
> initiative
> per se, I'll let everyone carry out their moves simultaneously, and  
> play
> the enemy as a sort of single character.
> [GM]
> Lyle opens fire [Strikes: 8, 17, 7, 6].  Due to the distance, only two
> of the shots hit [Damage: 6MD and 3MD].  While the shots do
> relatively little damage to the two fishmen.  They force them to start
> looking for cover, as they are in the more vulnerable position than  
> the
> party.
> [/GM]
>> [Ted]
>> Once Lyle starts firing, Ted will telepathically coordinate his
>> attacks with his to pick off as many fishmen as possible. That is,
>> if Lyle doesn't mind.
>> [/Ted]
> [GM]
> Ted is more successful [Strikes: 16, 6, 14, 15, 19, 8, 12], managing
> to hit six of the fishmen [Damage: 19MD, 9MD, 13MD, 15MD, 15MD, 12MD].
> Again, no fishmen guards are killed, but some have some nasty pits in
> their armor, and all drop down, behind any cover they can get.   
> Storming
> the platform the party is on seems out of the question now.
> [/GM]
>> [Alex]
>> Alex will fire a tear gas grenade at them to see how they react.
>> [Strike: Natural 20!]
>> [/Alex]
> [GM]
> With perfect skill, the wilderness scout lobs a grenade right in the  
> middle
> of the largest assemblage of armed fishmen.  A noxious cloud of tear
> gas erupts, quickly engulfing ten of them.  It is clear that the  
> tear gas's
> effects on the fishmen is much more pronounced than on humans,
> as they fall to the floor, ripping off their helmets and tearing at  
> their
> eyes and gills.  As well, and though it wasn't noticed before, there  
> must
> be some other gas below, because wherever the tear gas meets this
> other gas, paint can literally be seen melting off of panels, and  
> exposed
> fishman skin blistering horribly accompanied by warbly screams of  
> pain.
> [/GM]
>> [Raven]
>> Raven uses the stack of metal crates for cover from possible fishmen
>> blasts, since she relied only on her Armor of Ithan for protection.  
>> She
>> tries not to move but tried to remain as still as possible. She  
>> prepares
>> to use her magic but first signals her intent via the telepathic link
>> to trap the fishmen with magic.
>> [/Raven]
> [GM]
> Raven traps another group of fishman guards, about eight of them,  
> leaving
> them in the open to be picked off.
> [/GM]
>> [Raven]
>> Raven then casts Levitation on Alex and Koba (and once more on  
>> herself).
>> [/Raven]
> [GM]
> Both Alex and Koba suddenly feel themselves lift off the ground.
> [/GM]
>> [Koba]
>> "If you can get me up there I'll see what i can do to distract them  
>> or
>> to get a shot at the spheres. "
>> [/Koba]
> [GM]
> With little effort, Koba finds himself up on some supports, the floor
> of the chamber very distant below.  He has good shots on many of
> the fishmen, the spheres and even the control area.
> [/GM]
>> [Raven]
>> Afterward, Raven uses her NG Laser Pistol & Grenade Launcher and
>> launch grenades where she can.  [Strikes: Natural 20 and non- 
>> natural 20].
>> [/Raven]
> [GM]
> Raven's first grenade lands perfectly in the center of the fishmen  
> she has
> adhered to the floor [Damage: 28MD].  The blast strikes them even  
> harder
> as the carpet of adhesion stops the bodies from flying away with the  
> blast,
> breaking limbs in the process.  The second lands among three other
> fishmen [Damage: 15MD], tossing them.
> There is general chaos in the chamber.  Between the explosions and the
> tear gas-cum-toxic gas, the armed fishmen are looking for good cover  
> to
> fire from while the unarmed technicians run around in general panic.
> [/GM]
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