[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Talas and Carlos

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> [Carlos]
> Carlos tries to indicate to Talas that his air supply is
> limited. Perhaps his Military Sign Language skill could
> help out. He'll then try the door at the bottom of the
> scaffolding to see if it can move.
> [/Carlos]

At first Talas doesn't seem to understand what Carlos is
getting at, and Carlos's attempts to communicate visually
don't exactly help.  But Talas, no idiot, does gather what
Carlos's problems may be, and does a thumbs up.

At least, that's what Carlos hopes Talas means...

> [Carlos]
> Thinking that he has a few minutes before a critical
> decision has to be made, Carlos will examine the
> spheres, door at the bottom of the scaffolding, and
> the crack in the far wall.
> [/Carlos]

Carlos gives the door a try, but it is large and heavy and
there's little good footing.

Talas joins in, but despite his tremendous strength, can only
budge it perhaps a quarter inch.

The two move on to the spheres.  They are heavily coated
with corals and other sea life, but they can see that beneath
is a mirror-like metallic surface divided into numerous hexagons.
There are many cables and pipes leading into them from the
bottom and the top, but most have decayed after what must
be centuries in the water.

They move on past what must be the ruins of the control
area.  Little remains, except what were probably control
consoles and computers.

Beyond that is the second sphere, which, while identical
to the first, is damaged.  The side facing the crack is
partially crushed, revealing an interior made of large
tubes surrounded by coils.  There may in fact be a wealth
of precious and semi-precious metals like gold, platinum,
copper and so forth.

The crack itself leads at a large angle upwards.  Talas
moves his Globe of Daylight up as far as he can, but
cannot find the end.  It seems to widen out farther up.

It's then that there's a bright flash behind them.  The
fishmen have managed to break through the door
that Talas sealed and are swimming vigorously towards
Talas and Carlos.  There are four fishmen, all in armor
and all carrying energy rifles.  One fires on them
[Strike: 7], but at that distance, hits the wall.

It's at that moment that Carlos notices a current
in the water, tugging slightly towards the door
at the bottom of the scaffolding that he and Talas
had only been able to open slightly.

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