[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Koba, Lyle, Ted, Alex, Owen and Raven

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Seein that most of the fishmen in the control pod have been either  
incapacitated or are just cowering for their lives, Koba will sling  
the rifle and pull out the pistol before dropping into the middle of  
the control pod (ooc: if he can't control the levitation spell that  
put him up there he will control the drop with the jet pack) Once at  
the controls he will shoot any remaining armed guards but leave any  
unarmed to run for their lives. Once at the controls he will attempt  
to gain access to the computer reactor controls and any sensors for  
the area.

On Mar 10, 2010, at 7:43 PM, Aaron Clausen<mightymartianca at gmail.com>  

> OOC: Haven't heard from Owen or Lyle's players, but we'll continue on.
>>> [GM]
>>> Raven's first grenade lands perfectly in the center of the fishmen  
>>> she has
>>> adhered to the floor [Damage: 28MD].  The blast strikes them even  
>>> harder
>>> as the carpet of adhesion stops the bodies from flying away with  
>>> the blast,
>>> breaking limbs in the process.  The second lands among three other
>>> fishmen [Damage: 15MD], tossing them.
>>> There is general chaos in the chamber.  Between the explosions and  
>>> the
>>> tear gas-cum-toxic gas, the armed fishmen are looking for good  
>>> cover to
>>> fire from while the unarmed technicians run around in general panic.
>>> [/GM]
>> [Ted]
>> Ted switched to his internal oxygen supply before leaping up to the  
>> beams
>> overhead. ~Good shooting, Alex~, he transmits telepathically while  
>> making
>> his way as quickly as possible to the far side of the chamber.
>> [/Ted]
> [GM]
> As quick as lightning, the lizard man moves across beams, pipes and  
> supports.
> Still, he is not invisible, and a few of the fishmen guards, seemingly
> a disciplined
> lot, fire at him [Strikes: 17 and 7].  The first shot hits Ted
> [Damage: 18MD], while
> the other goes wide.
> [/GM]
>> [Alex]
>> Alex watches the creatures in agony. They did attack her so she  
>> does not
>> feel much pity. If any others look like they want to attack, she will
>> fire back otherwise she will stay on guard.
>> [/Alex]
> OOC: I'm assuming Alex is going to be switching to firing laser  
> shots rather
> than continuing to lob grenades.  Because this is somewhat  
> disorganized,
> mass combat, I'm playing very fast and loose, simply playing all a  
> PC's
> turns, particularly for shooting, at once rather than move-by-move.
> [GM]
> Alex sees a couple of fishmen fire at Ted, and also sees six armed
> fishmen along the wall of the chamber begin rushing towards the stairs
> leading up to the platform she, Raven and Lyle are still on.  A  
> couple of
> others, crouched behind barrels, offer their comrades cover.  She  
> opens
> fire on them [Strikes: 10 - miss, 11, 16, Natural 20, 11].
> One of the fishmen manages to leap for cover [Dodge: Natural 20], but
> the other four are hit [Damage: 50MD, 30MD, 120MD - dd, 30MD].  The
> first fishmen has a large hole blown in his armor, and apparently into
> his chest.  The second fishman, already previously hit, is dispatched.
> There are only fragments of the third, and the fourth, hit, gives up  
> the
> ghost, as does his uninjured companion.
> [/GM]
>> [Koba]
>> With his new perch on top of the pipes, Koba hopes he will not be
>> attracting too much attention. He will move quickly across the pipes
>> until he is just above the central control panel or as close as the
>> pipes will take him.
>> ~How damaged do we want these reactors?  I can try for disabled or
>> "REALLY disabled"~ Koba passes telepathically to the rest of the  
>> group as
>> he counts up the fusion blocks he now has in his sack.
>> [/Koba]
>> [Raven]
>> Raven thought back, 'Really damaged. Let's give them something to  
>> worry
>> about...'  Raven sighted her rifle once more and fired off grenades  
>> into the
>> fishmen.  [Strikes: 20 - not natural, 16]
>> [/Raven]
> OOC: I don't know how liberal Raven's player wants to be with  
> grenades, so
> Raven will launch to, and if she wants to launch more, let me know.
> [GM]
> The grenades streak towards the remaining armed fishmen who attempted
> to make a run on the platform [Damage: 15MD and 21MD].  The first
> grenade takes out one of the would-be attackers, the other attacker
> is knocked off his feet.  The second grenade hits one of the barrels,
> and within moments a large explosion rocks the whole chamber.  Lights
> flicker and a cloud of rubble, dust, toxic gas and body parts fills a
> chunk of the chamber.
> [/GM]
> [Lyle]
> Lyle fires on any stragglers [Strikes: 24, 9, 11, 18].  All four shots
> make contact with fishmen, two hitting them in the relatively  
> unprotected
> neck area [Damage: 17MD, 21MD] and blowing their heads off, and the
> other two [Damage: 20MD, 19MD] have their armor heavily damaged.
> [/Lyle]
> OOC: Hope Owen's player approves...
> [Owen]
> Owen fires at the remaining visible armed fishmen [Strikes: 12 and  
> 15].
> [/Owen]
> [GM]
> The two bursts hit both the fishmen [13MD and 25MD], killing one of  
> them
> and all but obliterating the armor on the other.
> [/GM]
>> [Koba]
>> As he moves closer to the central control core, Koba peers through  
>> the
>> rifle scope at the fishmen at the controls. He will fire an aimed  
>> shot
>> at the head of any armed D-Bees.  [Strikes: 16 and 15]
>> [/Koba]
> [GM]
> There are currently two armed fishmen visible in the control room.   
> Koba
> manages to peg them both in the head [Damage: 20MD and 20MD].  Both
> fishmen drop, though whether it's because they're dead, or because  
> they're
> now worried they might soon be is impossible to tell from Koba's  
> position.
> The technicians drop to the floor and are no longer visible either,  
> save for the
> odd leg here or arm there.
> The chamber is now utter confusion.  The poisonous cloud is now  
> covering
> most of the chamber, and almost all the fishmen are preoccupied with
> choking to death.  A few shots are fired out of the cloud, but they  
> seem to
> be just random.  There is very little in the way of fishmen left to  
> shoot at.
> It seems the chamber is their's for the taking, or whatever they  
> please...
> [/GM]
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