[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Talas and Carlos

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OOC: I'll be doing the rest of the company's turn tomorrow, but I just
wanted to keep things synchronized a bit.

> > [GM]
> > The fishman fails spectacularly at trying to attack Carlos who,
> > even being underwater, easily gets out of the way and then
> > blows a hole clear through the fishman and his armor with
> > a short burst [Damage: 44MD]
> >
> > Talas seems to be keeping the other fishmen at bay, so Carlos
> > is able to make his way with some speed to the door.  The growing
> > current seems to be helping... and then it isn't giving him much of
> > a choice.  It's a real struggle and now, perhaps a hundred feet
> > from the door, the suction is so strong that if Carlos proceeds
> > any further, he will not be able to fight it.
> >
> > He can clearly see now that the slight crack that he and
> > Talas had been able to make in the door has now widened to
> > about a foot, and that the water is rushing inward.  Fish,
> > pieces of coral, rusted metal and all manner of particles are
> > getting sucked beyond the door.  He then sees one of the
> > fishmen, gunless with blackened armor, fighting furiously to
> > swim against the current before getting sucked through,
> > literally being crushed by the still very small gap.  Carlos
> > catches a last glimpse of bulging, fearful fish eyes before
> > the fishman disappears.
> > [/GM]

> [Carlos]
> Seeing that the current is too strong, Carlos will move back
> towards the opposite side of the room towards the other wall,
> looking for any other exit to the room.
> [/Carlos]

Carlos is finding moving ever harder, and by the time he's made
it a third of the way back to the other side of the submerged
chamber, he's almost out of steam... and breathable air.

Suddenly, Carlos steps on to some sort of muddy patch, and
his foot slips.  He feels himself skidding backwards with nothing
substantial to grab on to.  The current is strong enough to raise
a cloud of sediment, making visibility extremely low.  Just as
he's about to be pulled uncontrollably towards the door, a hand
grasps him and pulls him behind the decayed remnants of some
metal structure.  When his vision clears, he sees it is Talas,
the Demon Queller's red robes torn, but otherwise seeming okay.

Talas casts another Breathe Without Air spell on Carlos.

The two look towards the front of the chamber in time to see
the doors finally give away, folding like crumpled paper under
the sheer force of the water.  Then they feel the ground shake.
The crack in the end of the chamber near them is caving in,
and in slow motion huge boulders, some the size of a
Mountaineer ATV are tumbling in their general direction.
Simultaneously they see through the passage revealed
by the torn doors on the other side of the chamber a flash
of light that steadies to a dull glow.

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