[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Koba, Lyle, Ted, Alex, Owen and Raven

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> > [GM]
> > There are currently two armed fishmen visible in the control room.  Koba
> > manages to peg them both in the head [Damage: 20MD and 20MD].  Both
> > fishmen drop, though whether it's because they're dead, or because they're
> > now worried they might soon be is impossible to tell from Koba's position.
> > The technicians drop to the floor and are no longer visible either, save for the
> > odd leg here or arm there.
> >
> > The chamber is now utter confusion.  The poisonous cloud is now covering
> > most of the chamber, and almost all the fishmen are preoccupied with
> > choking to death.  A few shots are fired out of the cloud, but they seem to
> > be just random.  There is very little in the way of fishmen left to shoot at.
> > It seems the chamber is their's for the taking, or whatever they please...
> > [/GM]

> [Koba]
> Seeing that most of the fishmen in the control pod have been either
> incapacitated or are just cowering for their lives, Koba will sling
> the rifle and pull out the pistol before dropping into the middle of
> the control pod. Once at the controls he will shoot any remaining
> armed guards but leave any unarmed to run for their lives. Once at
> the controls he will attempt to gain access to the computer reactor
> controls and any sensors for the area.
> [/Koba]

As Koba descends into the chaos, he finds only a few fishmen in the
control room still moving.  One of the armed guards weakly tries to
reach for his energy rifle, but is too weak to even move his arm very far.
A bluish fluid is leaking from his eyes, mouth and what must be his ears.

With some effort, Koba gains some limited control of the reactors.  The
systems are much too complex for fine work, but he can sense some
obvious functions, like valve and pump overrides which would stop all
coolant from reaching the core.

The control systems are only connected to sensors in the reactors.

> [Owen]
> Over the radio, Owen says "Be careful, everyone, keep an Eye out.
> My sixth sense is telling me there is trouble coming."
> Owen will scan the room, trying to locate anything dangerous to the group.
> [/Owen]

There doesn't seem to be anything obvious.

> [Raven]
> There is a gleam in Raven's eye as sheer satisfaction and appreciation
> of the carnage fills her senses. Still, she huddles behind her cover,
> not wanting to expose herself. Raven picks off the leftover fishmen
> with her rifle [Strike: 11], but does not use any more of her grenades,
> though.
> [/Raven]

The shot hits the fishman, but doesn't do much damage [Damage: 4MD].

> [Raven]
> 'Did we get the reactor?' Raven thought to the group. 'I'm leaving it up
> to you guys to do that... then let's get the hell out of dodge and find
> a way to free our ship.'
> [/Raven]

> [Ted]
> If necessary, Ted activates his internal oxygen supply. The lizard man
> then makes way to the far end of the room. Although they had come
> to take out the reactor, he wanted to do something about the chain
> holding the sub, too. He hoped to find the solution on the door opposite.
> [/Ted]

> [Alex]
> "Not much of a base fighter," states Alex. "Specially underwater."
> She will keep her rifle carefully trained while watching for danger.
> "Wish I had a way of telling where the danger is coming from."
> [/Alex]

> [Lyle]
> Switching to internal O2, he carefully moves down the scaffolding to
> the control room and stays outside to protect Koba.
> "There are two big doors under us, keep an eye on those and where we
> came in." Keeping his rifle ready, he scans for any trouble.
> [/Lyle]

> [Ted]
> Ted follows Lyle to Koba's side and then, before dropping down to the
> doors, informs them both of his intention to explore beyond them.
> [/Ted]

While the others watch, Lyle and Ted make their way to the control center,
where Koba seems to be concentrating on something.  They meet no meaningful
opposition, most of the fishmen appear to be dead or dying.  Lyle and Ted
do notice that some of the paint seems to be flaking off their armor.
The air here
is a toxic brew that would likely see anyone unprotected in a very bad way.

They are within ten feet of the control system when the feel a slight vibration
in the floor.  It doesn't seem like much.  Then, seconds later, there is a
stronger one, accompanied by a faint roaring sound coming from the far end
of the chamber.

And then it really begins to rock and roll.  There is the sound of crashes and
the floor pitches wildly, nearly knocking Ted, Lyle and Koba off their
feet.  It's
much worse on the scaffolding, where Alex, Owen and Raven remain.  The
scaffolding partially pulls out of the wall and pitches forward violently.  It's
all the three can do to just hang on, but they manage, and don't fall the forty
feet to the floor below.

And then two rather nasty things happen at once.  On the other side of the
chamber, the large closed door shivers so hard that it almost has a double
image, and then simply bursts open as a massive flood of water rips through.
At that very same moment, Alex, Owen and Raven here a sizzling sound,
barely audible above the roar of the water, and see the hatch they came through
burst open and the Sunaj Assassin and three armored fishmen, fitting somewhat
uncomfortably in some sort of environmental armor, burst through, guns ready
to open fire.

For Ted, Lyle and Koba, it's almost worse.  The water comes too fast to do
even think about running.  Koba instinctively attempts to dodge the water
by flying into the air, and just manages to beat the waves as they crash into
the control center, ripping most of the consoles from their mounts and flinging
them, with fishmen bodies, towards the wall where the scaffolding is.  Oddly,
his electronic "connection" to the computers, which obviously must be elsewhere,
is not severed.

For Ted and Lyle it's not so good.  The water smashes into them with the force
of a Titan Combat Robot, knocking them like rag dolls.  Within moments the
crash against the wall the scaffolding is on [Damage to each: 25SDC], and
only the fact that they're wearing environmental body armor prevents them
from drowning.

When the water hits the scaffolding, the scaffolding begins to bend, but
remains intact, though two of the fishmen are flung into the water without
having fired a shot, though that still leaves one Sunaj and one fishman.

The water level is rising rapidly, and everyone has perhaps a minute
before it reaches the scaffolding.

OOC: So, to make it clear, Raven, Owen and Alex are still (barely) on the
scaffolding, facing the Sunaj and one armed fishman.  Koba is hovering
above the torrent.  Ted and Lyle are battered against the far wall, though
not far from the door that lies underneath the scaffolding.  The doors on
the opposite side are gone.

Aaron Clausen
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