[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Talas and Carlos

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> > [GM]
> > With some care the two make their way back to the scaffolding.  As they
> > get closer to the scaffolding they can see somewhat beyond the shattered
> > doors beneath the scaffolding.  The other end isn't visible due to the amount
> > of sediment and flotsam in the rushing water, but they can see that there
> > must be some well-lit room some distance down that corridor.
> >
> > Getting up the scaffolding takes a bit more work but finally they reach the
> > hatch that they had first used to get in this flooded chamber.  The ladder
> > led back up and finally they were at the top, back in the utility passage
> > beneath the main floor.  Water is spurting out of the hatch due to the
> > pressure of the rushing water below, but there is at least breathable
> > air up here.
> >
> > There are klaxons going off all over the place.  Above can be heard rushing
> > squishy fishmen footsteps.  Above their heads they see the door where the
> > Sunaj Assassin had previously come from open to reveal two ape-like
> > humanoid D-Bees, both dressed in full body armor, but one holding an
> > energy rifle, and another strapped to his back, and the other holding what
> > looks like a heavily armored suitcase.
> > [/GM]

> [Carlos]
> Carlos will stay still and attempt to silently observe the D-bees and see what
> they do. If he can do so without making a lot of noise, he'll slowly bring his
> rifle to point at them, but will hold fire.
> [/Carlos]

The two are talking to each other in some strange language that seems to
fluctuate between guttural consonants and lilting vowels.  As Carlos brings
his gun to the ready, the armed D-Bee seems to stop for a moment, then
looks around.  The other D-Bee questions him in a short series of syllables
that probably translate into "What's wrong?"

The armed D-Bee shrugs then points ahead and the two walk away from
Talas's and Carlos's position.  After a minute or so their footsteps fade
into the distance.

"I'm all for banging Splugorth minion heads together," Talas says, "but that
was a bit close.  Unless you've got a better idea, I think we should find out
how our companions are doing."

Aaron Clausen
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