[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II - Koba, Lyle, Ted, Alex, Owen and Raven

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> > [GM]
> > Seeing that Raven and the Sunaj appear to be in close combat, Owen opens
> > fire on the remaining fishman [Strike: 4].  Unfortunately, his shot is no better
> > than Alex's, though the fishman prudently ducks down behind some boxes.
> >
> > It's at that moment that, above the sound of gunfire and rushing water, another
> > klaxon begins to sound.  The lights in the chamber begin to flicker, and then,
> > after a second, everyone was is plunged into darkness.  It takes a few moments
> > and then a few dull red emergency lights come on, but without optics, it's
> > all but impossible to see more than ten feet in any direction.
> >
> > The water is now about ten feet below the scaffolding and still rising.  There
> > is another shudder, like a major earthquake.  The scaffolding tears from the
> > wall again, and while no one can see it, in the distance can be heard
> > what sounds a lot like large boulders falling into the water.
> > [/GM]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man reached for something--anything!--to hold onto while
> resisting the water's pull.
> [/Ted]

The current keeps pushing Ted back and forth, making it all but impossible.

> [Lyle]
> "Ted, head for the scaffold, when you get to me, grab hold." Lyle says
> over the comm.
> He gives up trying to struggle to keep his head above the when the
> lights go out. Focusing for a moment, he summons his twin psi-swords
> but keeps them shorter than normal. Their faint blue glow is the only
> thing giving away his location. He embeds them into the wall for grip
> and starts to move along the wall towards the scaffold using the
> swords like climbing daggers.
> [/Lyle]

> [Alex]
> The scout suggests, "You know, I think it might be a good idea to figure
> out how we might get out of here.
> Otherwise, she will continue trying to help the others get up out of the
> water.
> [Alex]

OOC: I'm assuming that Alex is going to lower that rope.  If I'm wrong,
let me know.

Alex lowers the rope, though with the rushing water and bobbing bodies
it's awfully hard to figure out where to lower it to.

> [Owen]
> Seeing the assassin turn towards Raven, Ender will cast a Mind Bolt,
> hoping to take advantage of his focus on Raven.  [Strike: 10]
> [/Owen]

The Sunaj seems to see the attack coming [Dodge: 8], but isn't quite quick
enough to get around it.  The mind bolt hits [Damage: 3MD], but does
minimal damage.  Still it makes him pause for a moment...

> [Raven]
> Raven took the opportunity to try to use the darkness to hide herself in
> a new location that she had not been before, in order to escape the
> Sunaj's attention (preference being his rear or flank; also, hopefully
> her Chameleon spell is still up). As soon as it brightened up again
> Raven cast Blinding Flash on the Sunaj.
> [/Raven]

Quite suddenly a new bright light briefly lights up the chamber.
In that instant, those looking can see the center of the chamber's
ceiling collapsing, large chunks of concrete and rock falling into
the watery maelstrom below.  Just as the light dims, they see
a familiar red-robed elf flailing madly and then crashing into the
water about fifty feet away.

The Sunaj is clearly effected.  He stumbles and falls over, and
curses in a foreign language.

Meanwhile, Raven is able to make it back to the hatch where
the Sunaj and the fishmen had moments before entered from,
and where the rest of the company had entered the chamber

> [Koba]
> Not wanting to leave Ted behind, Koba will make another attempt to get
> him out of the current while the others deal with the assassin.
> [/Koba]

The best that Koba can manage is to help Ted move towards Lyle.

> [Ted]
> Ted struggles against the current, trying to keep one hand within Koba's
> reach while still treading water.
> [/Ted]

With Koba's assistance, Ted reaches Lyle, and stops being buffeted
around in the waters.  The waters seem to calm somewhat as they
fill they chamber, though the current is still fierce, and undertows well
up and threaten to drag Ted and Lyle down.  Alex's rope dangles
just a couple of feet away.

It's then that they hear a shout.  "Wait for me!" the voice of the
Elven Demon Queller can be heard.  The current is pushing him
around fiercely, and even with his own mighty strength, he's
struggling to stay above water.

The remaining fishman, seeing the Sunaj incapacitated, opens fire
on Owen [Strike: 15].  Owen just barely dodges [Dodge: 15], and
the shot strikes a metal crate behind him.  It's clear the fishman
was meaning to dispose of him with a long burst, which blows the
crate apart.

The water is now about seven feet from the top of the scaffolding
and rising fast.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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