[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter II

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> > [GM]
> > Another vortex swirls as Raven's device opens a gate back to the
> > submarine.  Meanwhile, Koba continues to probe the cannon.  There's no
> > easy way to set the cannon to overload, at least in the time remaining.
> >
> > Koba's reverie is interupted by a loud crack.  Suddenly the dome gives
> > away, and the vast ocean above roars in.  At that moment, the brains in
> > the other gateway leap forward, intent upon their pray.  The first one
> > crosses, the threshold.
> > [/GM]

> > [Talas]
> > Talas leaps in front of the brains' gateway, swords flashing.  "Run!
> > Now!  I'll hold the brains back."  With that he leaps into the brains'
> > vortex and begins fighting like a madman possessed, his fine-honed
> > skills chopping into the brain things like a knife into butter.
> > [/Talas]

> > [GM]
> > Raven's vortex opens to its full extent as the massive raging wave is
> > nearly upon the company.  Beyond can be seen the submarine's hold and
> > safety.  There is time to enter the brain things' gateway and help Talas
> > or time to reach the sub, but not both.
> > [/GM]

> [Owen]
> Owen will head for the submarine...
> [/Owen]

> [Alex]
> Alex jogs into the submarine, a bit concerned under her helmet
> [/Alex]

As Talas battles the brain things, the rest of the company leap
through Raven's gateway and back into the submarine.  Water
crashes against their feet, nearly knocking some over as they
cross over to the other side.  A good deal of water makes it through
the gate as well, with another vast wall, the final push of the ocean
above into the dome, on their heals.

Their last sight of the Elven Demon Queller is of him fighting against
the torrent with dead or dying brain things all around him.  His cloaks
shredded, his armor in tatters, he seems to pause, trying to judge
whether to swim towards Raven's gateway or towards the much closer
gateway to the brain thing's world.

And then the gateway closes and the company are standing knee
deep in the submarine's pocket dimension hold.  The underwater base
is gone.  The brain things are gone.  Their companion, Talas, is gone.

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