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ooc: Sorry, been real busy getting ready to requalify
Did alright, scored a 280 out of 300 with the .45 and 260 out of 300 
with the 9 mm
My personal weapon is a .45 and much more comfortable with it while the 
9 mm was a range weapon.

ic: At the time of getting back aboard

Alex would have asked, "Is there anyway that you can send a diver out to 
see if you can find him? I am just so tired of having had to leave all 
my comrades behind."

Later on

The red headed scout will have spend a few days getting all of her gear 
ready for the field. As well, she would have tried talking to this 
dagger a bit although warning it that she does not glory in battle.

Alex will not be real comfortable with the hotel. She is in many ways 
more used to barracks and the like than any fancy hotel. At home, she 
was in a small homestead with the rest of her family.

Aaron Clausen wrote:
> OOC: ...And on to the next chapter.  I'm going to cover a bit of
> ground here, but if anyone wants to add anything, just post it.
> [GM]
> A mixture of relief and sadness are felt by the travelers as
> they gaze at where the portal to the underwater base was.
> Carlos, Ted, Koba, Lyle, Alex, Raven and Owen are alive,
> once again narrowly avoiding death... or worse, but one of
> their company is gone.  They are cold, wet and exhausted
> in mind and body.
> Within moments three members of the crew fly through
> the elevator door, along with Louissa, Talas's lover.  At first
> she is happy, but when she's the absence of her beloved,
> she breaks down.
> [/GM]
> [Louissa]
> "No!"  Louissa says quietly, then louder, "NO!  You have to go
> back for him.  You can't abandon him!"  She breaks down into
> sobs and one of the crew comforts her.
> [/Louissa]
> [GM]
> The other two crew members approach and salute.
> "Looks like you had a bad time of it." one of them, a tall man
> in damaged armor says.  "We had a bad time.  Apparently, our
> good doctor turned out to be a traitor, and it nearly cost us.  We've
> got ourselves some prisoners, Kittanni by the looks of 'em.  Nasty
> Splugorth minions.  The Captain wants you to know we're under
> way now, and she's expecting a full report from Sir Lyle, but she
> says to get washed up and get some rest."
> The company are lead into the submarine via the elevator.  There
> are signs of even more damage, with a number of very harried
> looking technicians busily effecting repairs.  They have now been
> assigned quarters, the two women getting their own, but Koba,
> Carlos, Ted and Owen forced to share some very crowded
> quarters.  Lyle, of course, has his own.
> For once the company gets several days of relaxation.  Other
> than a debriefing with the Captain, there is little to do but to sleep,
> get armor mended, clean weapons, and enjoy what little
> hospitality a crowded submarine can offer.
> For the most part the sub stays below the surface, hoping to
> avoid the pirates and other undesirables that plague these
> dangerous waters between Atlantis and the Old World.  There
> are a few close calls, and one rather nasty sea battle with
> a Kittani submarine bent on sinking the ship.
> It is a full eleven days before it is announced over the intercom
> that land has been sighted.  The submarine surfaces in short order
> to reveal a green and verdant coast, clearly tropical, but the forest
> removed leaving mile after mile of farmland.  As the submarine
> approaches the coast, it can clearly be seen that this is a land
> divided into manors, with small villages centered on a large manor
> house.
> The Captain joins the company on deck.  Her strange lizard
> features, somewhat like Ted's, but in other ways very different,
> has, for once, a happy, almost carefree look about it.
> "This is New Argyll." she says.  "Or more properly, the Southern
> Counties.  When I first... arrived... it was that village" she points
> to a small collection of neatly built white-washed houses with
> some sort of thatched roofs, "that I spent my first days
> recovering."
> "I know," she continues, "that at least Sir Lyle is looking to
> return to England, and I have gathered that you seek for
> Scotland.  But this vessel needs repairs, and its crew has,
> to put it bluntly, been put through a lot.  We will be going
> to Port Mackenzie, and from there we can find you passage
> to at least New Camelot."
> It is another hour before the submarine finds its way to
> its destination.  The fields give way to what can best be
> described as a vast naval yard.  There are three large
> naval vessels, destroyers of some kind, along with another
> sub.  There are at least three drydocks, the only one looks
> to be completed, as well as fortress atop an escarpment.
> The harbor itself is surrounded by a concrete wall still
> in the middle of construction.
> Just on the other side of the escarpment is a small
> town.  It's docks are smaller, and crowded with fish boats,
> merchant vessels of every kind from steel-hulled nuclear
> vessels to wooden-hulled sailing ships.
> When the sub docks, the captain find a military transport
> waiting.  "I'm sure you would rather not stay in the barracks."
> the Captain says.  "This will take you to King William's Hotel.
> A decent establishment.  Tomorrow, I suspect, the Admiral
> and other dignitaries will call upon you.  Until then, I thank
> you for all you've done."
> And with that the company sets foot on Africa, admittedly
> a very tame little corner of it.  The transport drops them off
> at a small but well-kept hotel.  Inside, it's a surprise to see
> that it isn't an inn, there is no commons per se, but rather
> a lounge and restaurant.  At the front desk a very smartly
> dressed concierge looking like he stepped out of one of the
> ancient pre-Rifts movies says in a crisp, English accent.
> "Ah yes, company of seven.  Your rooms await."  He snaps
> his fingers and three busboys appear to help the company
> with their belongings.  In short order they find themselves
> in a suite of rooms on the third floor, brightly lit with very
> comfortable looking beds.  The concierge appears behind
> them.  "The restaurant usually serves dinner at six.  That
> is about an hour from now.  If you would care to freshen up,
> or if you like, I can bring dinner to you."
> [/GM]

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