[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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> > [GM]
> > It's then that an alarm starts to sound.  "Warning!  Warning!
> > Dangerous energy storm ahead!"
> >
> > The view port shows an amazing but frightening sight, an underwater
> > nexus with a rift opening, and the sub is heading straight for it.
> > [/GM]

> [Carlos]
> Before she wakes up, Carlos tries to tie up Etta.
> [/Carlos]

Etta is only semi-conscious and offers no resistance.

> Carlos then turns to Arsendel with rifle ready, "Who or what is she,
and why does she want to kill you?"
> [/Carlos]

"That's a long story." Arsendel says.  "Let's put it this way.  Etta's people
view my people as errant citizens, my people view Etta's people as invading
enslaving thieves.  I don't necessarily expect you to take my side, I just ask
that you don't automatically assume that Etta or her cohorts, if any still
survive in cryo, despite their doubtless boundless enthusiasm and sincerity,
are in fact right."

Looking at the view screen, his pale face growing even paler, if possible,
he adds "Of course, all of that may soon be irrelevant.  A most fascinating
world you have here."

> [Ted]
> The lizard man pulls himself up straight. He mumbles, "There is
> never a dull moment with you guys around." Sheathing his weapon,
> he states, "With Lyle and Etta both out of the picture, we are still
> going to need  someone to steer this chum-bucket. Any of you
> qualified or should I wake one of the others?"
> [/Ted]

"We may have to." Osiris says.  "If we do, I suggest Mr. Arsendel
find somewhere to hide.  He seems to have a somewhat violent
effect on the crew of this vessel, living and dead."

> [Alex]
> Alex is more of a ground person than anything else. "Can we avoid the
> rift?" the red haired scout asks
> [/Alex]

> [Koba]
> "Now that Etta supposedly got this thing fixed we should likely head
> to New Camelot. That is where this ambassador is from and I think it
> is fair to bring him home. I'll see if I can convince this thing that heading
> into a nexus is a very bad idea." With that Koba will move quickly back
> to the control center and see what control he has over the ship.
> [/Koba]

Koba tries to get the helm to alter course [Skill Check: failed].  The Rift
is no more than about five hundred meters away when Koba tries again
[Skill Check: failed], with no more success than the first time.

Now some very ugly creatures that look like translucent dolphins with
squid tentacles are swimming out of the rift, yet another example of
a nice new dimensional species getting a foothold in Earth's oceans.
They seem pretty brainless, but fast, closing the gap with the sub,
smacking it with horribly thuds.

As the sub approaches the rift, it's engines begin to labor.  The reason
these squid-porpoises are moving so fast is because of an incredibly
strong current in the water flowing from the alien ocean into the rift.  The
sub, still on its last course, fights furiously but finally overrides meant
to protect the propulsion system and reactor from damage kick in, and
the propulsion system is shut down.

The navigation system shows the sub being pushed up and north, out
of control and towards shallows of about fifty feet deep.  The view
screen is a muddled mess, sonar producing only depth information,
and what looks like possibly the outlines of submerged buildings.

And then there is a terrible groan followed by the sound of metal ripping.
Water can be heard roaring in from the lower deck.  The sub has
obviously struck something.

"The hull's been compromised." he shouts.  "We've got to get out of here."

Etta wakes up and desperately tries to break the bonds.  "The others!"
she shouts.  "You've got to save the others in cryo!  Let me loose to
save them!"

Arsendel hangs on to a bulk head.  "Fools!  Save those who are awake.
Don't listen to that raving lunatic."

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