[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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> > [Osiris]
> > "The hull's been compromised." he shouts.  "We've got to get out of here."
> > [/Osiris]

> > [Etta]
> > Etta wakes up and desperately tries to break the bonds.  "The others!"
> > she shouts.  "You've got to save the others in cryo!  Let me loose to
> > save them!"
> > [/Etta]

> > [Arsendel]
> > Arsendel hangs on to a bulk head.  "Fools!  Save those who are awake.
> > Don't listen to that raving lunatic."
> > [/Arsendel]

> [Owen]
> "We should head towards the engine room.  There is a hatch on the floor that
> could help us get out of the sub alive.  If we can save the others, all the better
> but if not, we had better hurry."
> [/Owen]

Louissa, who has been rather quiet the last few minutes shouts out "Don't forget
that ape soldier we dumped in here!  We can't let him die either."

She grabs a hold of the incapacitated Kittani and starts dragging him towards
where Owen has pointed.

Osiris grabs a ring off of Sir Lyle's finger.  "You will be
remembered, brother."
he says, putting the ring in his pocket.

> [Ted]
> "Or maybe we ought to rescue only those who came aboard with us and let the
> rest of you sort things out," the lizard man suggests sarcastically. He informs
> the others that he will wake up the rest of their party and then leaves.
> [/Ted]

Carlos follows Ted to give him a hand.

> [Alex]
> Alex asks, "Can we cut off the flooding compartment or seal it temporarily?"
> [/Alex]

> [Koba]
> "Get to the hatches. Seal off the compartments with water coming in. I'll try to
> get us to the surface."
> [/Koba]

As weak as he clearly is, Arsendel follows instructions.  He mutters something
under his breath, and his body is surrounded by a faint whitish sheen, and
suddenly the bowed, wobbly legs straighten and his face, if not becoming more
colored, seems to exude a peculiar strength.

Still, even with his effort, and the effort of whoever helps him, the
sub has been
under salt water a long time, and they can only manage to partially seal the
compartments.  It slows the water down, but does not stop it.

> [Koba]
> "Etta, how do I get the others out of cryo? Like you said Mr. Arsendel, we're
> not gonna take sides now. Everyone gets off the ship."
> [/Koba]

"Damn it!" Etta shouts, getting up shakily and rushing towards the console.
She points to several buttons.  "Start the bloody wake up sequence."

Lights on the console begin blinking and a voice says "Wake up sequence

Koba attempts to gain control of the vessel, but it seems quite hooked on
whatever is beneath it.  Sensors are also beginning to indicate a growing
current around the sub, emanating from the rift they managed to dodge.
It could make simply trying to escape out of the sub to the surface dangerous.

Etta looks to Owen.  "You've got the right idea, friend.  To the minisub."

She runs towards the engine room, but then stops and looks at Arsendel.
"Problem is, not enough room for everyone, and since I'm the only one
who knows the codes, I get to say who comes and who doesn't."

It's then that they begin to hear further tearing of steel.  Koba's attempt to
raise the sub has blown the ballast, but as it begins to rise, finally, it's
tearing an even larger hole.  Water can be clearly seen now through the
hatch to the lower deck.

Osiris keys his radio.  "Ted, Carlos, get out of there!  We've got to shut
the hatch!"  He looks up to Alex.  "Alex, give me a hand.  My legs are
on fire."

[Ted and Carlos]

Ted and Carlos get to the lower deck, which is now under about two feet of
water and rising.  It's a hard slog to the cryo chambers, the lights on which
are blinking like crazy, indicating that the two remaining crew inside are

And then the two doors open, dumping two figures into the water.  One is
a mutant dog, looking like a extra-sized Great Dane in a military uniform.
The other is an elf, with a somewhat more Oriental look about him, and in
military uniform like the mutant dog and Etta.  Both are still unconscious
and they fall on their faces, unable to right themselves.

"Come on, Ted!" Carlos shouts over the roar of the water.

Carlos moves to pick one of them, just in time to hear the horrible ripping and
straining of steel, and then a wave of water crashes into Carlos and Ted,
knocking them and the unconscious crew members, against a bulkhead.
There are now only inches of air left in the lower deck.

That's when they hear Osiris shout over their radios "Ted, Carlos, get out of
there!  We've got to shut the hatch!"

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