[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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"Have we checked outside lately?" Ted asks. "Is it safe to send a distress call?"

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"We're going to have to do this in two groups, or some people are going to have to stay behind." she says angrily.  "Old man," she shouts at Osiris, "on the comm panel, find the 'Emergency beacon' button.  Maybe there's someone in this screwy world that can help us."

Not knowing what else to do, Osiris nods and flicks the switch.  A familiar "dot-dot-dot dash-dash-dash dot-dot-dot" can be heard.

He then turns to his companions. "I don't think anyone needs to stay
behind," he says. "According to this, we're in seventy feet of water, and we've handled worse. Not to be self-serving, but I'm no swimmer with these bum legs. I suggest that I, the Elf Arsendel and those two unconscious fellows go inside the escape craft Owen discovered, and whoever else there isn't room for tether themselves to it."

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