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"I don't think we have enough time to make two trips.  We just need to get out, hold our breath, and make for a very quick ascent to the surface.  Lets get the injured and unconcious on board, and do what Osiris suggests, and hope we make the surface."
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> > > [GM]
> > > Carlos moves to pick one of them, just in time to hear the horrible ripping and
> > > straining of steel, and then a wave of water crashes into Carlos and Ted,
> > > knocking them and the unconscious crew members, against a bulkhead.
> > > There are now only inches of air left in the lower deck.
> > >
> > > That's when they hear Osiris shout over their radios "Ted, Carlos, get out of
> > > there! We've got to shut the hatch!"
> > > [/GM]
> > [Ted]
> > Ted grabs hold of Carlos and the next closest person. Telepathically, he tells
> > the mercenary to grab onto whichever of the two sleepers is left. He takes a
> > deep breath, activates his internal oxygen supply and starts swimming back
> > the way the came.
> > [/Ted]
> [GM]
> Even with Ted's great physical strength, dragging along three other people
> underwater is a tall order. He does his best, but the rushing water is making
> it difficult.
> [/GM]
> > [Alex]
> > Alex can swim as well so she will see if she can help as well.
> > [/Alex]
> [GM]
> Alex is able to grab a hold of one of the unconscious crew and makes Ted's
> job considerably easier. In short order, Carlos, Ted and Alex are back at the
> hatch and pulling the two rescued crew members out of the water.
> Back on the main deck, they see Etta running for the engine room and
> shouting at Arsendel, while the others Owen points that direction as well.
> Louissa is dragging the ape-man they had captured towards the engine room.
> [/GM]
> [Etta]
> "We're going to have to do this in two groups, or some people are going to
> have to stay behind." she says angrily. "Old man," she shouts at Osiris,
> "on the comm panel, find the 'Emergency beacon' button. Maybe there's
> someone in this screwy world that can help us."
> [/Etta]
> [Osiris]
> Not knowing what else to do, Osiris nods and flicks the switch. A familiar
> "dot-dot-dot dash-dash-dash dot-dot-dot" can be heard.
> He then turns to his companions. "I don't think anyone needs to stay
> behind." he says. "According to this, we're in seventy feet of water, and
> we've handled worse. Not to be self-serving, but I'm no swimmer with these
> bum legs. I suggest that I, the Elf Arsendel and those two unconscious fellows
> go inside the escape craft Owen discovered, and whoever else there isn't
> room for tether themselves to it."
> [/Osiris]
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