[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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"Damn, can't anything ever not be complex," the red headed scout exclaims

Alex will fire a stun grenade at the elf from her rifle and then draw 
her dagger to face off the organism.

On 10/07/2010 16:17, Aaron Clausen wrote:
> [GM]
> Even as Alex and Owen give their observations, Ted sees the Ambassador's
> vital signs blink.  For a moment he seems dead; no pulse, no respiration,
> pupils dilate.  Even non-psychics can feel some force around them, for the
> psychics it's a feeling akin to sticking a fork in an electrical socket.
> The Ambassador's feline eyes flutter open and then he takes a deep breath
> before coughing violently, bloody sputum striking Ted.
> Suddenly the spinning ghostly entity that had confronted the company earlier
> is in their midst.  From somewhere within its spinning vortex a voice
> screams "Uoy ot mood srepeels eht denekawa uoy!  uoy ot mood srepeels
> eht denekawa uoy!"
> It moves towards the company at great speed, tearing up a couple of chairs,
> seemingly to use as weapons.  It screams again "Ooy ot mood srepeels eht
> denekawa uoy!"
> Out from the shadows limps a tall, frail figure.  It is an male elf,
> pale-skinned with platinum-colored waist-length hair, wearing gray robes, torn and burnt.
> There is a deep scare along the elf's forehead, and part of his left
> hand, including three fingers, looks to have been cut off by a laser cutter or
> something of equal accuracy.  There seem to be many wounds under the robes, and fresh blood
> is seen on the already blood-stained robes.
> "Kill it, fools!" the elf cries.
> [/GM]
> [Etta]
> Etta cries out, "No!  Not the spirit.  Kill Arsendel!"  She goes to her belt to
> pull out a rather nasty looking energy pistol.
> [/Etta]

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