[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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> > [GM]
> > Even as Alex and Owen give their observations, Ted sees the Ambassador's
> > vital signs blink.  For a moment he seems dead; no pulse, no respiration,
> > pupils dilate.  Even non-psychics can feel some force around them, for the
> > psychics it's a feeling akin to sticking a fork in an electrical socket.
> >
> > The Ambassador's feline eyes flutter open and then he takes a deep breath
> > before coughing violently, bloody sputum striking Ted.
> >
> > Suddenly the spinning ghostly entity that had confronted the company earlier
> > is in their midst.  From somewhere within its spinning vortex a voice
> > screams "Uoy ot mood srepeels eht denekawa uoy!  uoy ot mood srepeels
> > eht denekawa uoy!"
> >
> > It moves towards the company at great speed, tearing up a couple of chairs,
> > seemingly to use as weapons.  It screams again "Ooy ot mood srepeels eht
> > denekawa uoy!"
> >
> > Out from the shadows limps a tall, frail figure.  It is an male elf, pale-skinned
> > with platinum-colored waist-length hair, wearing gray robes, torn and burnt.
> > There is a deep scare along the elf's forehead, and part of his left hand, including
> > three fingers, looks to have been cut off by a laser cutter or something of equal
> > accuracy.  There seem to be many wounds under the robes, and fresh blood
> > is seen on the already blood-stained robes.
> >
> > "Kill it, fools!" the elf cries.
> > [/GM]

> > [Etta]
> > Etta cries out, "No!  Not the spirit.  Kill Arsendel!"  She goes to her belt to
> > pull out a rather nasty looking energy pistol.
> > [/Etta]

> [Carlos]
> Carlos yells "Freeze!" at Arsendel and will fire a warning shot above
> his head [Strike: 11]. If he looks to do anything rash, he'll fire directly at
> him.
> [/Carlos]

Carlos's shot hits the wall, and the elf drops like a sack of stones.  "Don't
shoot!" he cries pathetically, hardly behaving like the mighty killing
machine reputation seems to have made him out to be.

> [Alex]
> "Damn, can't anything ever not be complex," the red headed scout exclaims
> Alex will fire a stun grenade at the elf from her rifle [Strike: 5].
> [/Alex]

It's a lousy shot that almost strikes out of range, but it seems to have the
desired effect on the Elf.

> [Ted]
> Ted activates his internal oxygen supply and then backs away from the fray,
> looking for something to clean his face off with.
> [/Ted]

There's a moist towelette dispenser by a couple of the consoles.

[Whirling Entity]
The whirling entity charges forward.
[/Whirly Entity]

[Combat Round #1]

Alex - 21
Whirly Entity - 17
Koba - 14
Osiris - 10
Owen - 6
Ted - 6
Carlos - 3
Etta - 3
Elf - 1

> [Alex]
> Alex draws her dagger to face off the organism [Strike: 14].
> [/Alex]

Alex's golden dagger slices into the whirling entity, and almost seems
to part the structure of the being [Damage: 19MD].

[Whirling Entity]
The whirling entity shudders, and for the briefest of moments there
can almost... just almost... be seen the shape of a woman inside it;
ephemeral, beautiful, and terrible in her rage.

The whirling entity reaches out an arm of force and strikes at Alex
[Strike : 10], but Alex quickly leaps out of the way [Dodge: 17].
[/Whirly Entity]

> [Koba]
> Koba will take out the vibroblade and prepare to defend himself from the
> beast.  "Watch your weapons fire inside the sub. We don't need more holes."
> [Strike: 24]
> [/Koba]

[Whirling Entity]
Koba's blade does not do much in the way of visible damage
[Damage: 1MD].  He feels another arm of energy try to grab him
[Strike: 15], and Koba cannot escape the grip [Dodge: 13].  Koba
is pulled into the horrifying maelstrom and disappears from view.
[/Whirling Entity]

Unable to stand reliably, Osiris fires a short burst at the entity with his
NG-33 laser pistol [Strike: 19, Damage: 6MD].

While the being receives the bulk of the damage [2MD], Koba is
hit too [1MD].

> [Owen]
> Owen will wait to see which of these crazy individuals attacks, and will fire
> a Mind Bolt at that baddie [Strike: 12, Damage: 7MD].
> [/Owen]

Owen's psionic attack has a bit more effect, with the added bonus that
it only seems to hurt the entity, and not poor Koba.

[Whirling Entity]
The entity screams "On on on on!!!  Srepeels eht yortsed!!!"
[/Whirling Entity]

Ted pulls the hilt of a semi-melted sword, the one he had used to kill
the K'murd-faka demon, and charges the entity [Strike: 1 Critical Fail].

Ted's charge ends abortively when he stumbles over his own feet and
falls into the entity, disappearing inside it.

[Whirling Entity]
The whirling entity "swallows" Ted, but seems to have an appetite for
only one adventurer at a time, flinging Koba out and against a control
station against a bulkhead, shattering one of the panels and bruising
Koba in the process [Damage: 4SDC].
[/Whirling Entity]

Carlos fires again, this time on the entity [Strike: 19, Damage: 48MD].

Carlos's steady and well made shot hits the whirling entity [Damage
to Entity: 20MD].  Unfortunately some of the shot also hits Ted
[Damage: 4MD].

Etta cries out "No!  Do not hurt her!"  She raises her hands and her
eyes begin to shine with an unbearably bright white light.  Her hands
glowing with similar radiance and she flings them out.  The whirling
entity slows down and stops spinning.  The ghostly female figure
can again be seen.  The features are elfen and beautiful, but they
seem to have little intelligence.

[Whirling Entity]
The whirling entity cries out "Atte!" and then disappears, much like
it did last time.
[/Whirling Entity]

Ted finds himself lying on the deck, feeling like he just went on a 200
mile per hour merry-go-round.

The wounded and dazed elf, obviously still under the effects of Alex's
stun grenade, moans.

"Fools!  You damn us all!  Kill that navigator, or put her back in

Etta, her eyes still burning brightly, focuses her concentration on the
Elf.  "Arsendel, you have spoken your last words."  Her hands move
together, like they're clutching an invisible ball, and then the ball becomes
visible, a sphere of force so powerful that it seems to make the air around
it shimmer.

"Stand back." she says.  "The time for justice has come."

The elf tries vainly to struggle to his feet, blood pouring from his wounds.

"Please!" he begs.  "I do not wish to die..."

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