[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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> > [Etta]
> > Etta cries out "No!  Do not hurt her!"  She raises her hands and her
> > eyes begin to shine with an unbearably bright white light.  Her hands
> > glowing with similar radiance and she flings them out.  The whirling
> > entity slows down and stops spinning.  The ghostly female figure
> > can again be seen.  The features are elfen and beautiful, but they
> > seem to have little intelligence.
> > [/Etta]

> [Alex]
> Alex strikes again with her dagger at the creature wraith.  [Strike: 29]
> [/Alex]

Alex's dagger strikes the ghostly elfen female, rippling through the flesh
[Damage: 26MD] and leaving behind a gash that does not bleed blood,
but blackness; drops of nothingness that fall to the deck before simply

> > [Whirling Entity]
> > The whirling entity cries out "Atte!" and then disappears, much like
> > it did last time.
> > [/Whirling Entity]


> > [Etta]
> > Etta, her eyes still burning brightly, focuses her concentration on the
> > Elf.  "Arsendel, you have spoken your last words."  Her hands move
> > together, like they're clutching an invisible ball, and then the ball becomes
> > visible, a sphere of force so powerful that it seems to make the air around
> > it shimmer.
> >
> > "Stand back." she says.  "The time for justice has come."
> > [/Etta]

> > [Elf]
> > The elf tries vainly to struggle to his feet, blood pouring from his wounds.
> >
> > "Please!" he begs.  "I do not wish to die..."
> > [/Elf]

> [Carlos]
> Carlos turns his rifle on Etta and fires a shot towards the ball, hoping to
> distract her, but cause no permanent damage. [Strike: 5]
> [/Carlos]

Carlos's shot misses Etta and strikes the bulkhead behind her [Damage:
19MD], leaving a blackened and melted metal.

Etta does not even seem conscious of the near miss.

> [Ted]
> Ted stands up as quickly as his inner ear will allow.  He then tries
> to jump between Etta and the Elf as she fires her energy blast.
> [/Ted]

Even as Etta lets loose her energy attack [Strike: 17], Ted leaps in
the way [Strike: 18].  Ted feels the energy like a cold fire coursing
through his body that feels like it's tearing each cell apart.  The
energy blast knocks him against the wall not to far from Arsendel
with a horrible "WHUMPH!"  [Combined Damage: 48SDC], and he
feels a couple of ribs break.

Etta is also effected.  The energy blast drives her in the other direction,
hitting the bulkhead still smoking from Carlos's blast.  She falls, crumpled
on the floor.

> [Koba]
> Koba will move to protect the Ambassador from both sides and
> get clear of the walkway between Etta and Arsendel.
> "Ambassador, are you all right, can you hear me?"
> If there is a small alcove or side passage, he will attempt to move
> him there.
> [/Koba]

As Koba drags the Ambassador out of the way, the Ambassador
coughs again.  He looks up at Koba with pain in his eyes.

"Old chap," he whispers, "we may have it all wrong."  With that
his eyes close, and he exhales a finally breath, and then is still.

With Etta seemingly out of the way, Arsendel rises slowly to his feet,
clearly injured and clearly in pain.  He looks over at Ted (clearly in a lot
of pain as well).

"Thank you, reptile man." he says.  "Now will you put that damnable
woman back in her freezer before she finally manages to kill me."

Osiris carefully gets down on his knees and moves over to Lyle.

"My brave brother is dead." he says simply, closing Lyle's eyes.

It's then that an alarm starts to sound.  "Warning!  Warning!
Dangerous energy storm ahead!"

The view port shows an amazing but frightening sight, an underwater
nexus with a rift opening, and the sub is heading straight for it.

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