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Flipping through the book, Koba will try to see if it is written in a
language he understands. Maybe it is the log of repairs or at least some
info on what they got themselves into on this sub. Koba will make his way
back to the control room and see if any of the information on the ship has
either symbols or insignia belogning to a kingdom or group anyone would

"Is everyone alright? I heard some scuffling" Koba says with concern. "We
may need to bring one of the crew out of the hybernation pods. We need a
real sub mechanic to fix this thing, and they better be good. Even then I
hope we can even get the thing moving. There is nothing I can really fix in
the engine room. Anyone find out if any of the people in hybernation are the
engineer or better yet an 'Etta Alma'?"


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> [GM]
> Meanwhile, Koba, back in the engine room, finds himself, as he
> probably expected,
> quite over his head.  Not only does the damage look fairly severe, but
> it looks like
> it's going to take an experienced technician, maybe even a dry dock.
> To his untrained
> eye, it seems a wonder that the sub is even watertight.
> As he looks over the wreckage he does find what looks like a
> generator, fueled by an internal
> combustion engine.  The fuel is low, giving maybe a couple of hours of
> electrical output for
> minimum life support.  It could buy a little time, but not much.
> It's then that Koba, looking over the wreckage, spies what looks like
> a torn and water-damaged
> book, shoved up between two coolant lines.  He can just make out the
> writing on the cover...
> "Diary of Etta Alma".
> [/GM]
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