[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Alex, Lyle, Owen, Carlos and Louissa] Book 3 - Chapter III - Submarine Forward

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Fri Sep 10 21:43:05 BST 2010

  On 09/06/2010 14:36, Aaron Clausen wrote:
> OOC; Everyone must be on holiday, or eaten by something particularly
> nasty, with tentacles and wings and in need of a nice crunchy snack.

ooc: Sorry, I was on vacation in the mountains

> OOC: I'm going to assume Alex communicates this to the rest of the 
> company.
> [GM]
> With one final scream of "Srepeels eht nekawa ton od...  Live on od!"
> the... entity
> or whatever it is disappears with a flash of light.  The company is again left
> in the tomb-like silence of the sub.
> [/GM]
> [Louissa]
> "Wow!"  Louissa exclaims.  "What in the frack was that?  And what the heck
> was it saying?  I think we need to start getting some answers.  Do you think
> there's any way of just waking up one of these guys?"
> [/Louissa]

"Don't you wish that these entities would communicate in pictures 
instead of languages which we don't understand," the red headed scout 
states. "So where do we go from here."

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