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"I think that Etta is our best choice unless she is the one who could  
be possessed. I can try to wake her up by herself but I can't  
guarentee it."

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>>> [GM]
>>> ...
>>> It's then that Koba, looking over the wreckage, spies what looks  
>>> like
>>> a torn and water-damaged book, shoved up between two coolant lines.
>>> He can just make out the writing on the cover...  "Diary of Etta  
>>> Alma".
>>> [/GM]
>> [Koba]
>> Flipping through the book, Koba will try to see if it is written in a
>> language he understands. Maybe it is the log of repairs or at least  
>> some
>> info on what they got themselves into on this sub. Koba will make  
>> his way
>> back to the control room and see if any of the information on the  
>> ship has
>> either symbols or insignia belonging to a kingdom or group anyone  
>> would
>> recognize.
>> [/Koba]
> [GM]
> The book is written in American, though the dialect and spelling are  
> a little
> odd and make it hard at points to sort out the words.  Making it  
> harder
> is the dense, cramped writing.  There really isn't time to go  
> through it very
> well, but a brief perusal reveals some facts.
> - Etta Alma is/was something called a "starship farseeker", apparently
> a navigator of some kind on a ship named the TS Pruffian Warlord,  
> though
> the use of the letter "f" suggests it's probably TS Prussian Warlord.
> - She was apparently born on Mars, specifically the Cassinni-Pasteur
> Prefecture of the Arabia Terra province of the Martian Subfederation  
> of the
> Terran Federation.  Apparently Elves as well as humans are quite  
> common
> on Mars, Earth and the Jovian Subfederation.
> - The TS Prussian had been on a mission on to the world Palladion,
> to meet in negotiations with a powerful local leader, someone named
> Arsendel, said to be considered a powerful "supernatural scientist".
> On the way back, Arsendel seized control of the ship, but in the  
> process
> damaged the "wormhole drive", killing nearly a hundred crew and  
> propelling
> the ship "sideways through co-dimensionality".
> - The Earth that the ship found was described as a chaotic post- 
> apocalyptic
> world, filled with "supernaturalism" and dominated by "supernatural
> scientists."  Arsendel, apparently as frightened as anyone, begged for
> peace with the commander of the ship, but was arrested, while a number
> of missions to the surface were made, all unsuccessful, with killer
> satellites, apparently, destroying or so heavily damaging them that  
> they
> crashed into the surface, save for Etta's craft, which managed a  
> landing
> somewhere around England, making contact with New Camelot, and
> bringing an embassy from King Arr'thu to the ship.
> - Arsendel managed to escape, murdered several crew, including the
> ship's senior "farseeker", rendering the farseeker "discorporealized".
> He forced Etta and three crew to help him, a traitor named Zaelrae
> (apparently of half-Palladion Elvish/half Terran Elvish ancestry) to  
> go
> to the surface of Earth, taking the New Camelot ambassador with them
> as a means to communicate with the locals.
> - The landing shuttle was heavily damaged, and crashed in the Atlantic
> off the coast of Africa.  The submarine the crew are in was apparently
> one of the craft stored in the shuttle.  Unfortunately for Arsendel  
> (and
> everyone else), the "discorporealized farseeker" tagged along, and in
> a battle with Arsendel, the sub's reactor was heavily damaged.   
> Arsendel,
> injured, feared that Etta and her fellow crew would overpower them,  
> was
> about to force them into hibernation.
> That's where the diary ends.
> [/GM]
>> [Koba]
>> "Is everyone alright? I heard some scuffling" Koba says with  
>> concern. "We
>> may need to bring one of the crew out of the hybernation pods. We  
>> need a
>> real sub mechanic to fix this thing, and they better be good. Even  
>> then I
>> hope we can even get the thing moving. There is nothing I can  
>> really fix in
>> the engine room. Anyone find out if any of the people in  
>> hibernation are the
>> engineer or better yet an 'Etta Alma'?"
>> [/Koba]
> [Louissa]
> Louissa responds, "No names at all.  I think we're going to have to  
> look on
> the computers.
> [/Louissa]
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