[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter III

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"Unfortunatly neither. We didn't expect to encounter such a foreign  
technology in such a state of damage. We needed someone familier with  
it to start fixing it. "


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>> [Ted]
>> The lizard man lowers his weapon. "Ted Smythe, freelance adventurer.
>> We found your vessel not long ago and came aboard to investigate.
>> It seems that two of your crew died in stasis. We revived you and  
>> your
>> feline friend here because we need to get this thing moving. There  
>> are
>> hostiles in the water around us. Any assist you can provide not only
>> help us, but save your own skins as well."
>> [/Ted]
> [Etta]
> She nods slowly and painfully.  "First things first.  Someone fetch me
> some painkillers.  Between the hibernation and this leg, I feel like  
> my
> head's going to fall off
> [/Etta]
> [Ambassador]
> The mutant cat seems deep in thought for a moment.  "We were
> running low on air when... how shall I put it... we were forced into
> hibernation.  Have you managed to get life support up and running?
> How about the reactor?"
> [/Ambassador]
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