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OOC: Again, many apologies.  My out of town excursion was heavy on
hours and short on down time, and of course, I got sick, probably from
being stuck in an airplane for an hour and a half.  Then the first few
days this week were occupied with putting out fires.  But onward and
upward, as they say...

> > > [Ted]
> > > The lizard man lowers his weapon. "Ted Smythe, freelance adventurer.
> > > We found your vessel not long ago and came aboard to investigate.
> > > It seems that two of your crew died in stasis. We revived you and your
> > > feline friend here because we need to get this thing moving. There are
> > > hostiles in the water around us. Any assist you can provide not only
> > > help us, but save your own skins as well."
> > > [/Ted]

> > [Etta]
> > She nods slowly and painfully.  "First things first.  Someone fetch me
> > some painkillers.  Between the hibernation and this leg, I feel like my
> > head's going to fall off
> > [/Etta]

> > [Ambassador]
> > The mutant cat seems deep in thought for a moment.  "We were
> > running low on air when... how shall I put it... we were forced into
> > hibernation.  Have you managed to get life support up and running?
> > How about the reactor?"
> > [/Ambassador]

> [Koba]
> "Unfortunately neither. We didn't expect to encounter such a foreign
> technology in such a state of damage. We needed someone familiar with
> it to start fixing it. "
> [/Koba]

> [Ted]
> "Does anyone in your crew know how to get this thing moving again?"
> the reptilian adventurer asked Lieutenant Etta.
> [/Ted]

"I have some training." Etta says, eyes now watering with pain.  "I'll need

> [Owen]
> Addressing the Lieutenant, Owen states "If it will help, I can do a little
> to make your your injury a little more bearable."
> If she agrees, Owen will use Healing Touch on the injured officer.
> [/Owen]

Etta seems in too much pain to argue.  Owen puts forth his power and
after a few moments the wound seems to close, the burned tissue greatly
reduced.  It's not cured by any stretch, but the pain eases in Etta's

"Thank you." she says.

> [Carlos]
> Carlos is still unsure of these people, so will stand by, ready to
> attack if necessary. Otherwise he will listen for anything out of the
> ordinary.
> [/Carlos]

> [Alex]
> "I don't think we are that far under. I think we could make for the
> surface if we had to. How long do we have before air will start to be a
> problem?" Alex asks
> [/Alex]

"There was a little over two hours left when we went into hibernation."
she says.  "I'm sure it's worse than that, but with a bit of luck, and
without some maniac trying to kill us all, I should be able to do get
the reactor up."

OOC: Going to move the narrative ahead here.  I'm assuming that
someone (Koba maybe) has let Etta and the Ambassador in
on the invasion force.

With Koba's assistance, Etta spends the next hour limping around
the ruined engine room, smacking, prodding, connecting, soldering,
twisting and bending wires and circuitry.  She seems an efficient
sort of technician, only mildly out of her depth.  Finally, she flips
a few switches and there's a subsonic rumble through the whole
sub.  Light floods all decks as the fluorescent tubes flash back to

Etta is obviously in pain again as she makes her way back to
the bridge.  Here she seems much more at home as she moves
across the control board with such familiarity that she could
probably do this blind.

"Okay, here's the situation." she says.  "Our propellers are
out of commission, and it will take dry dock to have any hope
of repairing them.  I can use thrusters to maneuver, but it will
be tricky."

The Ambassador, who has been silent this entire time, a strange
sublime figure, finally speaks up.  "I'll be honest, dear chaps.  I
think our destination should be clear.  I'm a lawful representative
of New Camelot, a trusted advisor to the King, and I can assure
you all whatever assistance you may need.  There, I think, we
should also be able to do deal with this ship's biggest problem,
Arsandel.  If we keep close to the coasts, we should reach
England in a few days."

"That sounds close enough to where we were heading." Osiris
says.  "I've heard of New Camelot, and have known a few who
have gone there.  Cyberknights, at least, are well respected
in King Arr'thu's court."

Lyle concurs.  "There is some communication between the
Knights of New Camelot and the Cyberknights.  I think Osiris
and I can guarantee a good reception, and perhaps some
assistance as well."

OOC: Unless anyone has any questions or objections, I'm
pushing ahead here.

It takes some great effort on Etta's part to pilot the crippled
submarine out of its muddy nest and through the hold of
the sunken ship and out into the open water again.  By the
time it is done, it is night, and the waters are black.  Above can
be seen the running lights of the odd Kittani patrol.  Etta quickly
moves to a set of controls labeled "Sensor Deflector Center".
The lights dim slightly from power draw, but the sub seems
to slip by into the deep ocean without alerting any potential

Over the next hour or two Etta explains the basics of the
controls to the company, though the course has been set
and there's little to do but keep an eye on things.  It is perhaps
midnight by the time she finally has to go and rest, wracked
with sweat from pain, too many painkillers and stimulants,
which she has been popping like candy.

The Ambassador bids everyone a good night and heads to
a small cabin, which he shuts.  There is the loud click of a

"I'll take first watch." Lyle says.  "The rest of you get some
sleep.  I'll wake Owen up in a couple of hours."

Everyone is incredibly exhausted.  They have to share the
meager quarters on this sub, but the previous day was a
nightmare of battle and escape, and sleep soon comes to
everyone, despite the creaks, groans and moans of this
damaged submarine.

And then everyone wakes up with a start.  Alarms are going
off and there are shouts.  [OOC: Those with 6th sense wake up
a few seconds earlier]

Etta's voice comes over the intercom.  "Someone has awoken
Arsandel.  His pod has been opened.  Grab your weapons
and get to the bridge NOW!"

When they get to the bridge, a sight of horror greets them.
Lyle is lying on the ground, his body sprawled in a horrifying
fashion, a fist-sized hole in his armor.  It's not clear whether
he's alive or dead.  Beside him the Ambassador lies, seemingly
uninjured, but clearly unconscious.

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