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Owen will throw a fireball into the small rift the Elf is calling, and immediately begin moving towards the Elf.
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> OOC: I'd like to welcome Lady Frost's player back. And again, I 
> apologize for my lateness.
> [Dodges]
> Alex: 20 (not natural) and 23
> Carlos: 17 and 15
> Justin: 33 and 25
> Koba: 11 and 21
> Lady Frost: 15 and 15
> Owen: 10 and 10
> Osiris: 7 and 10
> Ted: 21 and 18
> [/Dodges]
> [GM]
> The four missiles hit in succession [Damages: 40 MDC, 30MDC, 30MDC, 
> 30MDC]. Only Owen and Osiris are struck by the blast from the first 
> missile, but Osiris is also hit by the second.
> Of the two missiles aimed at Lady Frost, only the blast from one hits 
> her, and Alex is spared from both.
> Utter chaos now reigns. There is thick smoke and fire everywhere, and 
> moans of the injured. A horse runs in front of the main company, it's 
> chest literally torn open and ribs visible, all that's left of its 
> riding is the torso and legs. The smell of blood, smoke and explosives 
> is everywhere.
> At Alex and Lady Frost's position, it's much the same. Lady Frost has 
> taken more damage, she can handle it, and yet she's feeling the pain. 
> Alex and Louissa can see nothing of their main company, but calls from 
> her pursuers to each other suggest that they've abandoned her and are 
> running back to the main company to offer assistance.
> Louissa runs up behind Alex, baby in arm. "We've got to help them, 
> Alex. Those jets will be coming around again and we need to get 
> everyone to cover."
> Back with the main company, the jets can be distantly heard coming about 
> again. For the most part everyone was lucky this time, but...
> The smoke clears a bit and it reveals Sir Justin holding Osiris, armor 
> in tatters, burns and blood covering his body. The old man is clearly dead.
> More death and injury are revealed. All the knights are on the ground, 
> some writhing in pain, some not moving at all. It's hard to take in, 
> but the injuries are awful. Some of the men are running to their 
> comrades to try to give what medical care they can, but with the jets 
> coming about, it's more of a quick triage and those that they can judge 
> likely to survive are being dragged towards the forest.
> And then they see the elf, Arsandel, that they had rescued unconscious 
> from the submarine. He is surrounded in a sickening green light as his 
> hands literally dive into the chest of one of the injured, a gout of 
> blood spurting up as the elf begins chanting "Isus vaelius imraeus 
> turani..." Above him the air is shimmering and vibrating, and then 
> there is almost a crack, like a small dimensional rift, beyond which is 
> blackness, and a black, smoking six fingered clawed hand reaches through...
> [/GM]
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> Aaron Clausen
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